Convertible Crochet Giveaway

No need for me to un-bury the lead because it’s all in the title.  Today begins the sign-up for a prize drawing, the prize being a free hardcopy of my new book, Convertible Crochet: Customizable Designs for Stylish Garments.  You may certainly skip all the doo-dah that follows here, and go straight to the comments, add yours to the list, go back to whatever you were doing and wait for the drawing on Friday.  I wouldn’t blame you.  But for the intrepid crocheters among you, please read on!


In one word, this book is about multitasking.  It is an investigation and a celebration of designs, motifs and constructions that may be re-configured, assembled and/or styled in myriad ways. It is a big toy box filled with shiny playthings with which you are encouraged to build and experiment (like Legos but not exactly because first you have to crochet the Legos, know what I’m saying?). Once you start looking at crochet in this new light, then you can get on with the real fun, which is messing around with what you have learned.

Mostly this book is about my obsessive/compulsive approach to making and assembling outside-the-box motifs. Motifs are not new; crochet design history is overflowing with ideas for squares, hexagons, triangles, octagons and circles.  But who else thinks up garments using pentagons? It can get complicated, though.  It is my hope that the weird constructions will appeal to your inner geek, rather than cause you to run screaming.

Even if my pet pents are not your idea of fun, there are other useful bits to absorb and apply to your own crochet.  It would please me greatly if you took away at least these three things from Convertible Crochet:

  • Ending a round of crochet so that your hook is left in the best position to begin the next round.
  • Finding the point singularity when joining a motif to a place where there is already a join.
  • Looking at every edge as a design opportunity; utilizing the spaces and loops of your crochet and using ribbing, strings, button studs and headers to create your own multitasking miracle.

If you ever have questions or comments about the book, or need pattern support for the designs, please do not post them here on this blog.  We have a group and a forum at dedicated to my work, Doris Chan Crochet.  If  you are not already signed up at Ravelry, go do it because it is the premier on-line source, playground, and social gathering place for fiber enthusiasts. My Rav username is dorisjchan;  I am making myself available in the group chat room this week for two live sessions, Wednesday 29 May at 10pm Eastern time, and Saturday 1 June at 1 pm Eastern time, if you’d care to pile in.  Otherwise, you can post your questions or comments on the forum and the posse (led by my group moderator, Rav username Amerz) will be along to help.

So, if after reading this stuff about the book you still want a free copy, now’s the time to enter your reply to this post.  You may have to click the little bubble at the top of the post… or maybe click “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of the post, in order to get to the part where you can leave a comment.  I will announce the winner at noon Eastern time on Friday, 31 May.  If you are outside the US and Canada, and if you win, you will have to provide me with a North American address, please.  And, as always, sucking up to me, no matter how enthusiastically or heartfelt, will not improve your chance of winning! 🙂

Good luck to all.  I’ll be back on Friday with a winner.


169 thoughts on “Convertible Crochet Giveaway

  1. Haha! No suck up intended, but I love the 3 bullet points, especially because I have one DJ project (only one among many others) sitting in a sad pile in my closet wondering if I’ll go back to “embracing it” or just starting again. The interesting thing about joining as you go, is that the deconstruction (frogging, ripping, whatever) is a b–ch. Love you Ms. Chan, and your adventurous spirit.

  2. Doris, I think your designs are some of the best out there, bringing fashion to crochet and vice versa. I’d love to win your book!

  3. This book will definitely help me with my ideas that I don’t know how to put on paper as well as learning new techniques. Being new to crochet, this will help bring my ideas to life.

  4. Love everything you do. Just found you through the interweave email. I love crochet and bought your top down video. Can’t wait for it to come in so that I can start making garments that actually fit. Would love your book also. Thanks being everything I wish I could be!

  5. I will love to get this a try!!! I love to crochet and even though I love all the stitches I know I personally find interesting and refreshing something new!!!

  6. I would love this! I’ve been more in the crochet/sewing “engineering” mindset lately, figuring out how best to make things and make them work.

  7. I would love this! I’ve been very much in the crochet/sewing “engineering” mindset lately, figuring out how to make things and make them work, structurewise.

  8. I have always loved and have been amazed at how well a garment comes together. I would love to win this to add to my Doris Chan collection!

  9. I have all your books including your new DVD which just arrived and I haven’t even had a chance to look at yet. Of course I want your new book whether I win it or buy it I will have it!
    Your garments always come out fitting perfectly for me. I rarely do a garment that isn’t one of your patterns or at least a top down design.
    I’m a huge fan.
    I’m very sorry to hear about Cookie, I know you miss her very much.

  10. I am looking forward to experiencing this celebration of design through your eyes. I have enjoyed many of your designs. I tend to let my own run to the unusual construction area so I expect to have a blast with these.

  11. I’m always looking for a new way to crochet motifs that don’t have to be joined to a million others which get lost before enough of them have been crocheted to put together. I was thrilled to see the recent top you designed that was crocheted from top to bottom. These kinds of patterns get me excited. I would love to win a book.

  12. As you said in your blog about being OCD about things, I have to admit that I too, am OCD… mostly about collecting books, hooks, and yarn, but also crochet, crochet, and did I mention, crochet? I’m always on the lookout for your patterns and looooooooooove making them. I am a ‘big’ girl so I especially love being able to make beautiful things in “my” size.

    I am a bonafide ‘Chan-Fan’ and find your ability to create patterns for everyone to be ‘Chan-tastic!!!’

    Keep on smiling!!!

    (rosebudsinwyo on Rav)

  13. New book sounds great….this is Grace from the Happy Hookers!!!,, Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club, when are you coming to CT to “hook” up with us again? We miss you……would be so good to see you again….If it is possible, can you get hold of Dee or myself, we would love it if you could…Hugs,

  14. Oh Doris, you have no idea how much it would mean to me to win this publication! You are my most favorite designer, you have so much style and ALWAYS take into account us plus sized individuals.

  15. I too would love to win this book. I already bought a copy but I would pass it on to one of the ladies at my group that I’m converting into a DC lover. 😉
    Keep up the great work Doris!

  16. I recently discovered that you are the designer of many of my favorite patterns on Ravelry! Just read about your new book – it’s sitting in my amazon cart – but getting a free (autographed???) copy would be incredible!!

  17. I’ve only just taken up crocheting, but I’m taking a class with Everyday Crochet and am loving your patterns! If I don’t win the giveaway, I’m definitely gonna have to find room in the budget for this!

  18. I rarely work from patterns, except to get a starting idea, so this toolbox for motif creativity could be ideal for me. Also, I don’t like large holes in my fabrics, so the cover photo on the left is encouraging, with its shift from more open to denser and again to more open fabric. I want to learn how to make those transitions. My current project: a doll’s ballet skirt, made with fine upholstery thread in tough nylon that holds its shape; massive increases every other row make ruffles that stand out, and three layers (each its own color) from the four foundation rows make it quite the tutu. Crochet is IMAGINATION!

  19. Regret I am from the UK so will not be able to join in your generous giveaway. Will definitely be looking you up on Ravelry. I am currently experimenting with making up patterns and quickly learning that it is a special craft and not as easy as it may first appear. Your book sounds fab, good luck with the sales.

  20. I was looking around online and discovered to my joy that you had a new book out! I love the concept of using the motifs like legos, it spurs creativity.As someone who is a 5 foot tall, and not traditional size, shall we say curvy size, this would make customizing fit so much easier. Thank you for inspiring us.

  21. I would love to add this to my Doris Chan collection. You inspire me to go further with my crochet!

  22. Dear.Doris, I am not going to suck up to you, but.I love your work. I am an aspiring professional fiber artist and this year I determined that I’m going to focus exclusively on crochet. I am a total crochet geek, and have been playing with lace motifs for the last year, and boy am I having fun!
    So w – saw this book was coming, I.saw it as a sign. 😉

    Unfortunately y husband isn’t working and I can’t’t afford the book, so I will hope my number comes up for this

    Thanks for more great crochet wizardry. See you on Ravelry! (I’m mamaoso.)

  23. One way or another I will get a copy of this book! Free is always better, of course. 🙂 The projects look and sound challenging for me, which is good. Time to move out of my comfort zone again…

  24. I picked up the book to look through at Barnes Nobles. I would love to have a copy but am having to watch my budget right now. So fingers crossed!!!

  25. I would love to win a copy of your new book! I love all things crochet! Thanks and congratulations on your new book!

  26. I love your designs. Your designs are so well engineered, so there is not much sewing involved. I would love to win a copy of your book.

  27. The one and only sweater I’ve finished and WORN was from your No Sweat pattern, so you are something of a hero to me! Whether I win it or buy it, I know I will learn something from your latest book!

  28. Would love to be the winner of your new book!
    Lovin’ my crochet and all who are designing cool things for me to make!

  29. I’ve downloaded the kindle version for on the road, crochet whilst traveling 🙂 but the hard back would look lush on my coffee table for everyone to see 🙂

  30. I always want to grow in my knowledge and execution of different techniques and stitches. This book will greatly help me achieve this goal. I hope I win.

  31. I would absolutely love a copy of this book. I have had it book marked on Amazon. Thank you for this opportunity!

  32. the all shawl was my very first clothing I crochet , and im still making many more . love all your patterns so easy to follow, well written.

  33. the book sounds and looks great (from amazon preview) i would love a copy so i can share with my sister who is also a major fan. she does the bigger motif designs of yours while i do the smaller shell based ones (i adore my sonambulista dress). my sister is an accountant and a great fan of maths so the names of your motifs (copernicus) could be even more endearing! thanks for your lovely instruction, i have never been able to not crochet in the round since!

  34. Oh my, even if I didn’t already have this book on my wishlist, I would for the first bullet point alone, so the rest (and the patterns, love what I’ve seen, come on pay day…!) is icing on the proverbial cake.

    Totally crossing my paws for this one 😉

  35. I already have a couple of your books. and this one will be added this summer, whether I win it or buy it. I don’t usually work in motifs, as I find them tedious–all that weaving in and joining!–but having seen some of your designs, I have perfect faith that your approach will be as inspiring and adventurous as the other beautiful things you create.

    You are the only professional crocheter I know by name!

    Thanks for your wondrous creations, and your sharing of them.

  36. I sure can appreciate all the thought and work put into each and every design! I would love to try the patterns in the book and gain more confidence in crocheting clothing.

  37. As someone who has been a crocheter for 50+ years, it’s hard to find something ‘new’. That’s why I love your books. There’s always a challenge, always something for me to learn, be it an innovative pattern or a new technique. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • I Fun! I am all in and have fingers and toes crossed.

      p.s. not sucking up, but I love your blog!!!

  38. First off, thanks for the giveaway Doris. This sounds like a wonderful reference book and an inspirational one too. I would love to add it to my library.

  39. I’ve returned to crochet since a hand injury has totally screwed up my knitting mojo. I’m a big fan and would love to have a copy of your book as I am also fascinated by motifs.

  40. After years of knitting, I decided to teach myself to crochet. This book would take my new
    love to a much higher level. Thank you.

  41. HI! Looking for that chance to win your book! I’m relatively new to crochet and knitting, and like the look of your stitches. Lest you consider that a suck up, I’ll let you know I have not yet tried them out, but hope to have the book by my side when I try them out! (Hopefully curled up on the couch, not in front of the computer looking at your blog!)

  42. I’ve been crocheting since elementary school and it wasn’t until I discovered your patterns that I dared to try something other than rectangles and that’s 25 years of afghans and scarves! Thank you for the inspiration to try something new!

  43. I am saving up for this book anyway, but it would be awesome to win it. I haven’t seen one pattern from it that I don’t want to make. Thanks boatloads!

  44. Doris, your book looks great! I would love to win a copy but I’ll add it to my shopping list anyway.

  45. As soon as my library receives your new book, I plan to borrow it! OR if I win it, maybe I’ll use it awhile and then donate it to the library! 😀 I just finished one of your simpler designs that I found online. Too bad it’s just too warm right now to wear it.

  46. Another fan adds his ticket into the hat. Love your work and look forward to every design that comes off of your hooks.

  47. My copy arrived in today’s mail, but if I got another I would give the other to my library. I LOVE Doris’ books. I have them all.

  48. Love the way Doris crochets… Wish I could design, but I can always find a Doris Chan pattern that I love !

  49. Doris, you are cool to the 10th power. I’ve made just about everything you’ve designed and have never failed to get a compliment on them. I can’t wait to get my hands on your newest creations! Cheers!

  50. ” …. It is a big toy box filled with shiny playthings … ” I’m in! I’m on a motif project phase these days; this will be good!

  51. Would also love a copy of this, as I have most of your books, but a signed one would be great.
    Been a follower of yours ever since I saw your first design. Thought it was fantastic when I found that you had a blog.

  52. I would love to win a copy of this, it would make a nice birthday gift to me! ( My bday is 5/30).
    Just diving in to my first Doris pattern Spa shawl and I am excited to make more of her things!

  53. Ooh, count me in!

    Also, this: “like Legos but not exactly because first you have to crochet the Legos, know what I’m saying” made me laugh. Way to appeal to my inner, Lego obsessed 7 year old self.

  54. Your book came out at the perfect time! I finally decided to start designing my own crocheted creations, I’ve bee playing around with motifs, but with some difficulty joining them. I am attempting to make different clothing items with the motifs. This book is going to be a lifesaver!

  55. You had me at “shiny” and “toys”! I think this book and a goodly supply of yarn would could me happily entertained for life. Please, please, please pick my number! 🙂

  56. Yes! “Crochet geek” says it all. My fingers are crossed that I will be the lucky winner — LOVE your work!!!

  57. I would so love to have your book! I sometimes have to stop working and sneak to sketch out an idea in my head. Then when I try to create it something goes wrong. I NEED to learn about how to end rows and joining motifs so I can feel confident about my own creations. Win or lose want that book.

  58. Oh… How I would be thrilled to win this lovely book. Thanks so much for doing a giveaway and good luck with your new publication!

  59. Ms. Chan, I am a dedicated follower and have bought a few of your books to date. I also look for your free patterns. I’ve crocheted since I was a child also. My Grandmother taught my Mother and then myself too. She was born in 1905, and the only reason that matters is I remembered your discussion about your learning process. My childhood home and then my Mother’s were scattered with those wonderful doilies :-D. I have not graduated to them myself, chicken s—-t, lol.

  60. Your idea of convertible crochet sounds wonderful. It sounds like it would help to make adjustments, too.

  61. This is so exciting that you have a new book! I appreciate your ability and love your work! Thank you! Hopefully I can win the give away! 😉 … keeping my fingers crossed !

  62. I’m itching to make something with motifs–crochet and keep going–don’t want directions just the guidance your book would give. I have to finish knitting a pair of socks for a friend first (she lost her ability to knit due a stroke). Glad I had time to leave a reply before the deadline!

  63. I learn to crochet as a child in the 60’s and crocheted through the 70’s as a teen and young adult. However, yarn and patterns available at the time, was so plain, dull and just too granny squared. I stopped crocheting altogether. A few years ago I started up again and then discovered you. Your designs and methods just blew my mind. Crocheting can be exciting, sophisticated and beautiful. I have crocheted many items you have designed and have plans to crochet many more.

  64. I just want to congratulate you on this refreshing, exciting, awesome book. Thank you for your fabulous designs.

  65. What a fabulous book, such lovely designs. I’m just starting to get into more intricate crochet and enjoy learning new things. Doris you are a wonderful designer, I love your patterns!

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