Recent Published Designs

Tribbles Vest

Crochetscene 2015


Harmony Bamboo Tank

Crochet! Magazine Spring 2015


Sapphire Sweater

Interweave Crochet Spring 2015, available as individual pattern


Rugger Sweater

Interweave Crochet Winter 2015


Doily Pillow

Interweave Crochet Home 2014


Swing Vest

Crochetscene 2014, individual pattern available here



Gypsy Pants and Boxers

Interweave Crochet Summer 2014




Seamless lace pants and boxers, crocheted in DesigningVashti Lotus.

Cousteau Shawl

Celebrating WEBS Valley Yarns 40th Anniversary, I designed this shawl in a special edition hand-dyed shade of Valley Superwash DK, called Cousteau.

Filmstrip Cape

Featured in Interweave Crochet, Winter 2014


Boulder Bolero

Featured in Interweave Crochet, Fall 2013

Boulder Bolero

Saorise Stole

Featured in Interweave Crochet, Fall 2013



This is the featured design on which I’ve based the Top Down Seamless Crochet Workshop, from Interweave, available as a DVD or download.

DVD CoverKolika SamplesReal sweaters on real girls

Malahini Two-Piece Dress

Runway Crochet: High-style Patterns from Top Designers’ Hooks to Yours (Creative Publishing International, May 2013), by Margaret Hubert

This lace top and skirt combination is my contribution to Margaret’s awesome book.

Malahini Dress

Cosmopolitan Skirt

Runway Crochet: High-style Patterns from Top Designers’ Hooks to Yours (Creative Publishing International, May 2013), by Margaret Hubert

This lace skirt is also a contribution to Margaret’s book.



Crochet 123, Issue #5

Over the TopDraped In Lace Vest

Crochet! Magazine, Spring 2013

Draped in Lace Vest

Tango Tunic

Interweave Crochet Spring 2013Tango Tunic

Salsa Skirt

Interweave Crochet Spring 2013Salsa Skirt

Cosmo Jacket

Tahki Yarns Crochet Collection in Cotton Classic Lite (2013)

Cosmo Jacket

Lady Mary Skirt

Interweave Crochet, Winter 2012

Lady Mary Skirt

Shantay Skirt

The New Tunisian Crochet: Contemporary Designs from Time-Honored Traditions, by Dora Ohrenstein (Interweave Press, February 2013)

Shantay Skirt

Capelet in Broomstick Crochet

Clever Crocheted Accessories: 25 Quick Weekend Projects, edited  by Brett Bara (Interweave Press, available November 2012)

Lacy Pink Runner

Crochet at Home: 25 Clever Projects for Colorful Living, edited by Brett Bara (Interweave Press, May 2013)

Bias Mini Skirt

Crochet Noro: 30 Dazzling Designs (Sixth & Spring, available November 2012)Noro_Cro-11_022

Rockin’ Red Dress

Interweave Crochet, Fall 2012

Show off your curves in this deliciously fitted and flared dress.  Completely and nearly invisibly seamless, crocheted from the neck down with virtually no added finishing, this design is a master-class in interior stitch shaping.  The soy silk yarn is a narrow knitted tape that can have a slightly crunchy hand in the skein, but goes limp with blocking and develops a fluid drape. In order for the seamless shoulders to support the weight of the dress, the top of the dress is worked in a pattern called Quiver Stitch, a dense overlay of delta-shaped clusters on a solid stitch background.  The close-fitting bodice features a V neck and shaped shoulder caps, with optional bust shaping darts if desired. The waist is whittled down as the Quiver Stitch comes to a V at front and back, converting to the underlying solid stitches. Six outlined gores shape the skirt to a generously flared hem. Shown as a short, finger-tip length dress, this design is easily shortened to a tunic or top, or lengthened by adding rounds to the bottom, even after the fact.

Photo courtesy of Interweave Crochet

As for the inspiration for this design, try to imagine the dress in a scandalously short length with a black T-shirt at the neckline and worn with tall black boots.  Add the delta-shaped insignia on the chest.  Remind you of anything?

Pretty Baby

Piecework, Crochet Traditions 2012

I turned a gorgeous doily into a fashion-forward skirt to accompany an article about designer Elizabeth Hiddleson.

#18 Lacy Top

Vogue Knitting Crochet, 2012 Special Collector’s Issue

Swirly Skirt

Interweave Crochet, Spring 2012

Indian Springs Cocoon Jacket

Crochet! Magazine, Spring 2012: Easy, No-Sew Crochet

Snowflake Beret

I contributed one of the four patterns in the Interweave Press booklet A Snowflake Story (February 2012, available as an e-book download).

Spa Shawl Top and Tunic

Simply Crochet: 22 Stylish Designs for Every Day by Robyn Chachula (Interweave Press, December 2011, available as e-book download)

These are two designs included in Robyn’s book, a short cape-shouldered top and a longer tunic version, both in Spa.

Apres Noir Jacket

Crochet! Magazine Winter 2011

Ripples in the Stream

Tahki Stacy Charles Website, September 2011

Inspired by a design straight off the fashion runway, this top makes a bold lacy statement for any season. It is crocheted from the top down in Tahki Cotton Classic Lite, sportweight mercerized cotton. The seamless lace construction of the body means the curvy leaf pattern flows smoothly from neck to waist with no interruptions and minimal finishing required. With a small cap shoulder, slim body gathered into a wide ribbed waistband at a cropped but adjustable length, this piece works well as a lacy shell or a vest over a shirt.

Valley Cowl

Valley Yarns (WEBS), August 2011

Brown Eyed Girl

Tahki Stacy Charles Website, May 2011

Crocheted in sportweight Tahki Cotton Classic Lite, this mesh stitch vest has a sexy silhouette and an easy fit.  The shoulders are deeply cut out; the body flares dramatically to hip length in a half circle that is fuller at the front and fishtails a bit at the back;   the arrow figures around the hem help to weigh down the edge and give the body a little swing. Wear it with the fronts open, draped in folds; for a defined waist, belt it with the fronts crossed and overlapped at each side or tucked and pleated to meet at center front. E-pattern available for download from Tahki Stacy Charles.

Leaves of Summer Vest

Crochet! Magazine, July 2011 Revised pattern pdf here

With its deep V-neck, cap sleeves and crossover fitted waist, this pretty vest has lots of stylish flair. It is crocheted seamlessly in lustrous cotton yarn in a simple lace stitch that gives it soft stretch and drape.

Yokohama Mama

Piecework, May/June 2011

Chamomile Cardigan

Interweave Crochet, Spring 2011

Here is an example of how beautifully Broomstick lace integrates with regular crochet pattern stitches. Internal shaping is accomplished within the rows of V-stitch pattern to create this completely seamless, cap-sleeve cardigan. It features a soft collar that drapes around the shoulders and folds over to form the open V front, and roomy armholes for layering. The hip-length body is simple and straight, easily adjusted for length. Stretchy and forgiving in fit, this cardi may be worn loosely open in front, or snugly overlapped and wrapped with the narrow No-Stick Broomstick belt shown or using a purchased belt. See the accompanying Beyond the Basics: Broomstick Lace article  for tips on working with Broomstick technique.

Interweave Crochet, Spring 2011


28 thoughts on “Recent Published Designs

  1. Where can I find the pattern to your “Fancy Fans” Shawl? It had a matching top, I think, made out of cotton yarn? Thanks.

  2. ok…opened up my Adobe and then clicked on the link and it worked…however I REALLLLLLLY really would like to have the pattern for the Summer by the Sea Shell tunic top….PLEASE>>>>>>. pretty please. thanks in advance.

  3. Glad to find you, Doris.Addicted to hand work I bought a of lot yarns while living in the USA. Now living in Turkey, in the country where yarns and crocheting/knitting is almost every woman’s work I added some more treasury to my collection. Turks have unlimited ideas in design of yarns and textile, paradise for knitters and tailors.I feel overwhelmed with its number. Your excellent ideas are very refreshing and helpful for my constantly changing plans, I feel being lost in that jungle of skeins and ideas. Hope some of my long waiting unfinished projects will get that final touch. Thank you!

  4. I am wondering what sizes the Spa Shawl Top and Tunic are for, i would like that info before I invest money in a book for a pattern only to find out that it is only for petites.

    • Hey Desiree,

      From the book Simply Crochet, the Spa Shawl Top and Tunic are amply sized. Here are the stats:
      Finished Size
      S (M, L/XL, 2X/3X); top is shawl-like and ample through bust and arms; waistband is overlapped, buttoned and fitted; skirt of Version B is full and relaxed over hips.
      Samples shown are size S.
      Version A
      Finished Waist: 30 1/2 (34, 39, 43 1/2)” (77.5 [86.5, 99, 110.5] cm)
      Finished Length: 15 (15 3/4, 15 3/4, 16 1/2)” (38 [40, 40, 42] cm)
      Version B
      Finished Waist: 30 1/2 (34, 39, 43 1/2)” (77.5 [86.5, 99, 110.5] cm)
      Finished Length: 24 (24 3/4, 24 3/4, 25 1/2)” (61 [63, 63, 65] cm)

      Hope this helps.



  5. Hi, Doris,

    Within the last few weeks, I am nearly sure that I saw a top of your design in a crochet magazine that I subscribe to. I get a couple of them and I have gone through every one and I can’t find it. It was yellow and beautiful, and reminded of the blue dress in Crochet Lace Innovations.

    If you recently published a yellow top, would you point me in the right direction. I’d like to make it as a gift.

    Also, thank you so much for your creativity. You have taught me a lot.


  6. Doris, I’m making Lacy Top from Vogue Knitting Crochet. I love it so far, very pretty! I’m struggling a bit with the joining. The little letters are so tiny and it’s especially hard to read the letters on the gray print. Is there any way I could get a size M diagram so I can print it larger, and do you have more photos of the finished garment, perhaps the back and a close up of the shoulder? Im a big fan of your designs. Thanks so much, Clara

    • Hey Clara,

      I regret I cannot help you. All materials, including the text, images, the original design sample and diagrams, are the property of SOHO Publishing/Vogue Knitting. You might have a better view of the the text if you are able to work from a digital copy of the issue.

      Also, please join us on where you’ll find pattern support at the forum dedicated to my designs, Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet. Thanks!



  7. Hello Doris,

    I wold like to start off by thanking you for such wonderful creations, however the problem I’m having is with the Indian Spring Cocoon Jacket , It state to special stitch 43 for size med. row two is where the problem start I should have ( 2 edge, 5 shells , 6 Inc. shells) but instead I come up with 2 edge , 6 shell, and 7 inc. shells , can you please tell me whats wrong with this as I need to make this for a function .

    Thank You

  8. Hi Doris,

    Your designs are beautiful. I have been attempting to teach myself crochet over the last year and have been making blankets and toys for other people. I’ve decided I want to be a bit more adventurous and make a dress for myself. I spotted your Rockin’ Red Dress in CrochetMe magazine. I am currently trying to decipher the pattern before I even attempt to begin properly. I am having trouble working out how to create the swatch for the guage. The guage says 12 sts and 8 rnds = 3″ in skirt pattern – but how do I break down the skirt pattern enough to produce a small swatch without having to crochet the whole length of the row.

    Thank You

    • Hey Madeleine, Are you sure you want to begin your garment crocheting with such a difficult project? “Are you out of your Vulcan mind???”

      Creating a gauge swatch is a skill I can’t teach you, particularly here on this blog. Please, join us at, the fiber site where we play, and a more efficient place for a conversation. Once you’ve signed in (it’s free), jump on the group and forum dedicated to my designs, Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet and post your question there. The posse or I will be along to help. Thanks.



  9. Hi there, I was so happy to find you site as i was looking for helpful hits to block a vest. However I would really like to know how to make the cord at the top of this page. So sorry to hear about Cookie. I enjoy crocheting animals. Is Cook’s pattern available?

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

    • Hey Susan, that cord is a Foundation Single Crochet. Please see this page for a tutorial. The pattern for DJC: Cookie’s Last Dance is available at

      Thanks for your interest.



  10. Ha Ha! I’ve also just seen the Rockin’ Red Dress, and I just had to comment, Doris, what a classic! And what a great sense of humour you have – I think you should apply for a role in the next Star Trek movie you know, you really look the part! Or failing that, you could whip up some designs for their next leading lady, why not?

    I love all the ideas you give. I find crochet a fascinating art, as there’s always something new to learn, something new to discover, and I’m sure there’s still a lot of stuff we still don’t know about this craft. You certainly have inspired me, I love the shapes that you create, the most, I think. Must take a lot of work and er, frogging, probably!

    All the best 🙂

  11. Doris,
    I am interested in finding the pattern for the #18 Lacy top, as found in Vogue Knitting/Crochet 2012 magazine. I saw the image on Google. Where would I find the pattern?

  12. Doris, you have some very beautiful crochet pieces. I’m trying to crochet the Sophisticated Shell Wrap featured inCrochet! July 2008. I’m having difficulty with Row 3 of the shawl pattern.

    It reads: Ch 1, sc in first st, ch 3, sc in next st, [ch 3, sc in next sc, ch 3, sc in next sp, ch 3 , sc in next sc ch 3 , sc in 2nd st of next shell] 5 [7] times, ch 3, sc in last st, changing to bone, turn.

    My concern is that upon completing Row 2, turning I working in the shell and working into the shell is not indicated in pattern.

    Please advise.

    Thank you,

  13. Doris, you are such a star!
    Not only are your designs and colorwork to die for, but the support you provide with such closeness in your blog and ravelry groups, are just excellent and to the point!
    Keep rocking!

  14. Hello, am from the uk and been trying to get your caleo top pattern it was published in crochet magazine 2012 but I can’t seem to get a copy anywhere. Have you included it in any of your books? I recently purchased your convertible crochet book which am eagerly waiting for. Your help would be much appreciated.


    • Hey Louise,
      Thanks for your interest in this design. I regret that I have no control of the pattern, as the rights belong to the publisher.
      That pattern is available only through Crochet! magazine. Unless and until the publisher, Annies,/DRG decides to release it for individual sale, the only way to see it is to find a back issue.

  15. Hello, fabulous designs! Are there any corrections to Soft Sage Circle Jacket I ran into problem at Row 11. Also, is the pattern complete as published – seems to be missing something. I’d love to finish this – it’s gorgeous! Thanks.

    • Hey Jacquiline, please join us at, a free social and information site for yarn enthusiasts. Once you’re signed in, visit the group and forum dedicated to my designs, Doris Chan Crochet and post any questions you have about this pattern. The posse will be along with help and encouragement.



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