My Crochet Design Books

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Convertible Crochet: Customizable Designs for Stylish Garments

(Potter Craft, coming May 2013)

Available for pre-order, both print and Nook (e-book) versions, at Barnes and


Crochet Lace Innovations, Potter Craft, 2010

CLF Flamie Award  Best Instructional Technical Book for 2010

Everyday Crochet, Potter Craft, 2007

Amazing Crochet Lace, Potter Craft, 2006

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17 thoughts on “My Crochet Design Books

  1. Dear Doris, I purchased your book Crochet Lace Innovations.. I was so encouraged by your clear presentation of broomstick lace that I decided to try Melisande Vest. I hit a snag when I got to C row 2. I can’t get past the C Inc-corner. Can you help?

  2. Dear Doris,

    I have crocheted for many years and would very much like to do your “Zen jacket” I just can’t seem to get the instructions and want to know if there is a book that features this pattern with more visual illustration. I consider myself a solid intermediate to experienced at skill but once in awhile (like with this one) I just don’t get it. Thanks for any help.

  3. I love your designs! I can’t tell you how many of your free patterns I’ve printed and want to make! You design lovely apparel. Thanks for the free patterns.

  4. Doris,
    You’re my favorite designer. Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow. Started right back into crochet after 4 procedures on my right wrist this spring. Before that all I was doing was baby hats for the hospital. Made one top when I was 22. Now 53 you have inspired me to create sweaters. I made your soft serve in June as a store sample. I am 99% finished with your September Morn. Now I’m drooling over all your books and collecting your patterns across the net. Lipstick and a skirt for my daughter are on the list of Next. Thank you so much.

  5. I love your work, I only hope that I can do one or two of these as well as you have done them. There are a couple of items I would like to try, but do not know which book to buy. Thanks for what you do!! Connie

  6. I am trying to get a copy in the UK of Amazing Crochet Lace at a reasonable price but not having much luck. Any chance of a reprint?

  7. Hello Doris, I’m trying to assemble the Callisto Top from your book Convertible crochet, but I have come to a stop as I can’t make out what your instructions mean on page 27, ‘carina minor pent:last round, round 5: ch 1, sc in the beginning sp; *ch 4 (or join), sc in the next ch-4 sp; (no ch 4 here) ….this last bit “(no ch 4 here)” – what does it mean? I’ve been trying to ignore this inormation, as I don’t know what to do with it. Thanks

  8. on etsy someone sells the pattern of a top which is clearly cats craddle. Not the old one but the newer one V.2 with the harts, and also offers the pattern in different sizes for about 7 dollar.
    Thats not allowed right???!!


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