Been There, Designed That

Although I am known as a designer of fashionable crocheted wearables for women, I own up to the fact that I’ve been other places.  Here’s a smattering of published objects from the vault, including home dec, bags, hats, ponchos and odd (even weird) crochet designs you may or may not have encountered in your crochet travels. Think of this as being forced to watch vacation slideshows from the past decade!

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7 thoughts on “Been There, Designed That

  1. It is so fun to see these all in one place! Brings back memories of when I started out designing. When crochet was showing up in a range of new magazines (such as knit magazines, and the special crochet issues), your designs were the ones filling the new need. I remember a lot of the bags you did but never knew about most of the afghans.
    I even saw some of the designs I had in my “queue” (pre-Ravelry days) as I shopped for yarn for them at early CGOA conferences.

  2. Hello Doris,
    Thank you for giving me a great start in crochet. I have had 4 successful projects – Jewel, Bell Sleeve Pullover, Somnambulista, and Siam (made into a long coat). I have tried other designers’ patterns but had to frog them because of fitting problems – you are my lucky charm.

    For my next project, I am planning a skirt and would really like to crochet the Swingy Summer Skirt (Crochet Today! Jul/Aug 2009). Well, as you know, the pattern is not available from them and my library doesn’t have this magazine. Are there any plans for it to become available again, Doris? It seems a shame for such a good design to be hidden away.

    Thanks again,
    Sue Stewart

  3. Hi Miss Doris!
    I’m in love with your patterns!!!! Simply Gorgeous!!!!! I have been salivating over one in particular for a couple of years now and have just started to work on it. The Circle Sage Jacket. I’m having difficulty getting the front leaves to lay like they do in the picture. I have ripped it out twice now and am starting again. What am I doing wrong? Can you pass on any pointers to me? My leaves just keep getting bigger and bigger on the front edges of the jacket, but never lay down on the jacket front. 😦 I’m sad because I really wanted this to be part of my professional wardrobe. Thank you for any advice!!!
    Crystal Johnson

    • Hey Crystal,
      This blog is not the most efficient place to answer pattern support questions. Please join us at, the fiber site where we hang out and play. After you’ve signed in (it’s free), visit the group and forum dedicated to my designs, Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet, post your question there and I or the posse will be along to help.
      Thanks for your understanding. Doris

  4. Hi Doris! You’re designs are an inspiration to me and I just fell in love with that pink dress you have a picture of up there. Is there a way to get ahold of that pattern?

    • Hey Ashley, Thanks for your interest in that design. It was published (a long time ago!) in a magazine issue that is now out of print, Knit Simple Magazine, Spring/Summer 2007. You will have to find a back issue of it in order to see the pattern.



  5. Dear Doris, I really chuckled at some of the furry purses and handbags, and the beach-wear. Really retro. Those were the days. I enjoyed watching the slideshow of those patterns you designed and made. Many are still classy and chic. Thanks for showing these already out-of reach items.

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