3 thoughts on “ChanDress.jpg-500×375

  1. Hi, I’m so deeply in love with this dress! I’m trying to crochet the swatch of the Quiver pattern. But when I reached the end of the third row, I don’t have the correct stitch number left to do the sk next dc, sc in 3rd ch of dc, after doing the last Etr.

    I’ve crocheted about 10 rows, and the swatch doesn’t look anything the swatch picture in the pattern instruction. And i have a question here, how many V shape should i have in that 23 stitches long of swatch? Please help as I’m quite desperate to know.

    Thank you very very much.


    • Hey Denise,

      I cannot field pattern support questions such as yours on this blog. Please join us at Ravelry.com, the most efficient way to get your answers. Ravelry is a free fiber site. Once you join or sign in, go to the group and forum dedicated to my designs, Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet, search the existing threads and posts for your subject, or post your own question. I or the posse will be along with help and cheering.

      Thanks for your understanding.



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