CGOA Reno: I’m at WHAT convention?

So this is not the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada????  It’s four hundred miles away in Reno, I’m at a Crochet Guild of America conference, and this is September, not August 2012. But a little space and time shift didn’t bother me any.

Photo courtesy of Vashti Braha

And there’s the perfect argument for Star Fleet having a mandatory retirement age! That’s me, dashing about getting a few things we needed for the CGOA Fashion Show (lint roller in hand!), standing still only momentarily at the Crochet Design Showcase, an experimental booth I launched at the Reno conference. More about the conference in a bit.  As for the dress, it is only faintly recognizable as the Rockin Red Dress, my design published in the current Fall 2012 issue of Interweave Crochet.  In the magazine it is styled this way:

Photo courtesy of Interweave Crochet

Crochet the dress a couple of inches shorter, wear it with black boots, a T-shirt collar and a spiffy replica of Lt. Uhura’s insignia from the Star Trek 2009 reboot film, and, it reverts back to the original inspiration for the design:

Well, yes.  Zoe Saldana’ Uhura is much younger, curvier and hotter than me. And her uniform dress is scandalously short and fitted. But you get the idea.  Even we geeky fan girls can play dress up once in a while.

One to beam up!


27 thoughts on “CGOA Reno: I’m at WHAT convention?

  1. Yeah girl you absolutely ROCK that dress…LOL!!! You do so look the part too. Perhaps as Uhura’s mentor???? like you are to all us crochet lovers. You are the STAR in my books. Go on with your bad self.

  2. Here in DC we use a phrase “Rock the Red” (for our hockey team). However, you really know how to rock the red! (the Ling collar maker)

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  4. Love you and the dress Doris! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time in Reno. You’ve been quite an inspiration for my 21 year old (Becky). She thinks you are the coolest thing since the iPad. Thanks too for a new vocabulary word: doubledogdangit! I’ve got a feeling that may get some air time around here as we brace for hurricane Sandy.

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  7. I love both the dresses but I think I may have to try making my own Star Trek one. It looks even better than the knit pattern I was contemplating.

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  10. Awesome! I am going to have to make this. I already have a sewn TOS uniform, but this is even cooler. What a great combo of crochet and geek!

    • I got the pattern by downloading the fall 2012 issue of interweave crochet. It cost a few dollars and has many awesome designs in it.

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