Convertible Crochet: Feeding Your Geek

Convertible Crochet: Customizable Designs for Stylish Garments, my new book,  is now rolling out.  There is a sneak peek inside the book here.

Yes, it is indeed beautiful.  And totally geeky. I was hoping to do one WHOO-HOO major launch, but instead I find that I am slowly leaking information and images.


For a more comprehensive, but by no means exhaustive look at all the designs, here’s a gallery of my own personal photography of most of the crocheted samples from Convertible Crochet.  Some of the pieces are prototypes, samples done in alternate yarns, which won’t be the same as the ones in the book.  I’m also showing you a few extras, views of different stylings from the front and the back, and also shots of the projects laid flat for blocking, which you may find useful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check back here in the coming days for the next launch installment, where I discuss my geeky crochet perspective and give away a copy of the book!


14 thoughts on “Convertible Crochet: Feeding Your Geek

  1. I’m a Chan fan, adore Doris! You and the photos of lovely lace convinced me; I just bought the Kindle edition. Now I’m off to read it.

  2. Thanks for the preview! I pre-ordered on Amazon UK, and I recently got an email saying the shipping date has been revised (ie, sooner!). Yay! Looking forward to another amazing Doris Chan book.

  3. I love your “Crochet Lace Innovations” because of the explanations and food for thought about garment design. I can see from the previews that “Convertible Crochet” will give me many more fascinating hours of learning and crochet fun.

  4. Love the names of the patterns.. all moons of Jupiter, right? Titan, Callisto.. or was that Saturn? Beautiful work as always. Can’t wait to get my own copy.

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