Convertible Crochet Winner

From the intrepid crochet fans who have already sunken their hooks into the Convertible Crochet toy box, I am hearing that the most intriguing design for many is Andromeda, in particular the Andromeda Peplum Vest.  Full marks to my Potter Craft editors for choosing that duo of Andromeda samples for the book cover. Did they know this project would be attractive to crocheters so they put it on the cover, or is Andromeda compelling to crocheters because it is on the cover? Chicken or egg?

Andromeda Peplum Vest

Andromeda Peplum Vest

This tealy blue version is a prototype crocheted in Spud & Chloe Fine, #7805  Anemone, a fingering weight blend of wool and silk, and will be the sample for modeling at TNNA Columbus during my book signing. Invariably my fans want to know how long it takes me to make one of these. The ballpark average yardage required in sock/fingering weight yarn is 900 yards, and a crocheter can comfortably work, what, at least 50 yards an hour. So I’m going to say 18 hours; it could take you a week of on again, off again hooking.

But let’s say you’re not ready to dive into complex motif construction, or you only have one nice hank of sock weight yarn (around 230 yards) on hand and you really want to get going with something. For a smaller commitment in time and yarn, and a less strenuous introduction to the Convertible Crochet ‘verse, may I suggest Corsair.

Corsair Collar

Corsair Collar

This pretty little collar is made with one hank of Spud & Chloe Fine and contains a couple of the keys to the ‘verse, featuring the gently expanding Corsair stitch pattern and the header-string-button triumvirate that creates the convertible magic. With just a few more yards of sport weight silk, I did this alternate version which has a more fluid drape and a gorgeous sheen.

Bruna Corsair silk 1

May I introduce Bruna, my newly found muse and DJC Designs signature model.  Her exotic face and curvy figure will be gracing the pages of my self-published designs to come.  She’s a twenty-something student, originally from Brazil, and she’s rapidly picking up this whole posing in crochet thing (not as easy a job as you might think). Here’s Bruna in the rib-tickler, teeny fit alternate sample of Callisto.Bruna Callisto 1

No, I haven’t forgotten the primary reason for this post!  The winner of a copy of Convertible Crochet is Grace Gardiner.  Congratulations to Grace, and thanks to everyone for participating in the drawing.  May fortune guide your journey!


7 thoughts on “Convertible Crochet Winner

  1. Hi Doris- I love the joined Teal version of the Peplum above. In order to make that instead of the split version in the book, would we just do it in the round? Solid pieces look better on me, the splits seem to accent my ample hips/thighs. 🙂

    • Hey Carol, the peplum here is still a flat piece. What makes it seem connected is that the split is on the hidden side of the dummy, plus the ends are slightly overlapped while threading the string. The gold cover version appears more split on the model who had serious hips. Sorry!


  2. I think it works both ways but that design is definitely a stunner! I loved the final remarks on your email today…”May fortune guide your journey.” You just never know how what you say can touch someone at the exact right time…Thank you~~

  3. Congratulations to Grace Gardiner, you lucky duck! Enjoy! Doris, thanks for the opportunity and please keep those creations coming. Live long and prosper … my book purchase will help the latter 🙂

  4. Congratulations Grace! I can’t wait to finish setting up my new house so I can start playing with yarn & some of Doris’ new designs in this book! 🙂

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