Twist Matters More Than You Think

What’s wrong with this picture?

S Twist DK yarn

If you think nothing is wrong then never mind.  Otherwise, I’ll be back in a few days to talk about this.  And it won’t be pretty. 🙂


17 thoughts on “Twist Matters More Than You Think

    • The example looks like you have areas where there isn’t enough twist in the yarn to hold it together in some spots while in others it is too tight. Makes for a messy looking result.

  1. Looks like the yarn has been used before and is coming untwisted from all the turning back and forth. Or it has not been rewound so that you can pull the yarn evenly and it stays twisted like it is supposed to be.

  2. I agree with some of the posters above, the yarn has become untwisted, either used yarn or not very good quality. I also see some uneven stitches, tension problems.

  3. Lacking twist for sure and it does make for a finished fabric that is messy and possibly will catch and start to look even worse very soon.

  4. The bottom line is that if this is a garment it will not hang correctly, especially after blocking.

  5. Doris,

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