Major Sponsorship for Crochet Competition

By major sponsorship I mean grants now totaling $5500, with every dollar going toward cash prizes for the winners of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) 2012 Design Competition. There is no other crochet design event like it, and judging from the support from our magnificent sponsors, they know it, too. Please join me in thanking and congratulating them for helping us recognize, celebrate and reward crochet excellence in 2012:

2008 marked the first year that this event took shape. Few records and little information concerning the winners and sponsors is available.  But for three years since, readers here have heard about my involvement with the competition, first as a judge in 2009, then as the committee chairman and producer of the event 2010 and 2011.  I have seen the event grow and prosper, gaining in numbers of entries, in amounts of cash prizes and in prestige. We are gearing up for a quantum leap in 2012 and invite all crochet enthusiasts to join in the fun and excitement.

Here’s a look back at the awesome winners from the past three competitions:

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Information about the 2012 competition, rules and entry form will be available soon, so stay tuned here and at the CGOA website, CGOA Now blog, and on the CGOA Design Competition page on Facebook.The competition is open to members of CGOA only.  So if you’ve got crochet game you should really join, huh? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Major Sponsorship for Crochet Competition

  1. Doris,
    That’s an impressive list of sponsors! I can’t wait to see all the entries this year. Each year I am in awe of the fabulous creativity and designs entered into the competition. Jane

  2. I’m no on any of the social media sites, but I am a CGOA member interested in participating in the 2012 Design Competition. How can I get the forms or more info on entering the contest?


    • Hey Rose,

      What a coincidence! The information package for CGOA 2012 Design Competition just went live this weekend. You can click here to immediately download the pdf, which contains everything you need to know to participate. Hope to see your entry in June!

      I’ll be posting more about the event on this blog in the months to come so please come back again.


      Doris Chan, Chairman, CGOA 2012 Design Competition Committee

    • Hey Cathy,
      Patterning was not and is not a factor in this competition. It remains up to the individual entrants whether or not they ever offer their winning designs for sale.



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