CGOA Design Winners

Be prepared to be impressed and inspired by the winners of the CGOA 2011 Design Competition.

In the Category Accessories (sponsored by WEBS)

$100 Third Prize: #108

Designed by Janice Lonnroth, of LaGrange Illinois;

Poptastic Purse

$200 Second Prize: #69

Designed by Sandy Gold Frederick, Maryland ;

Lucy Shawl

$300 First Prize: #43

Designed by Kathryn White of Apache Junction, Arizona;

Birds N Blossoms Shawl

In the Category Small Wonders (sponsored by Boye and the Crochet Dude brand)

$100 Third Prize: #102

Designed by Laurinda Reddig of Camas, Washington;

Vegetable Garden Playmat

$200 Second Prize:#12

Designed by Sherri Hondorp of Poughquag, New York;

Baby Cardigan

$300 First Prize: #81

Designed by Susan Pendleton of of Kerrville Texas;

Hope, the Christmas Angel

In the Category Fashion (sponsored by Tahki Stacy Charles)

$100 Third Prize: #39

Designed by Stephanie Hatfield of Gilbertsville, Kentucky;


$200 Second Prize: #70

Designed by Susan Lowman of Prescott Valley, Arizona;

Spa Tunic

$300 First Prize: #60

Designed by Tammy Hildebrand;

Rasta Rose Jacket

In the Category Afghans (sponsored by Caron International and

$100 Third Prize: #52

Designed by Shari White of Rockaway, New Jersey;

Wild Irish Roses Throw

$200 Second Prize: #50

Designed by Shari White;

Happy Hexagons Throw

$300 First Prize: #103

Designed by Laurinda Reddig of Camas, Washington;

Mystery Machine Afghan
In the Category Thread Crochet (sponsored by and

$100 Third Prize: #48

Designed by Kathryn White;

Chantilly Doily

$200 Second Prize: #46

Designed by Kathryn White;

Irish Mystique Doily

$300 First Prize: #84

Designed by Carol Booth of Teaticket, Massachusetts;

Christening Dress

In the Category Artistic Expressions (sponsored by Leisure Arts)

$100 Third Prize: #26

Designed by Julia Bryant of Toronto, Canada;

Lady of Marrakesh

$200 Second Prize: #66

Designed by Lori Carlson of Hillsborough, North Carolina;

Split Infnitive

$300 First Prize: #113

Designed by Patricia Williams of Ozone Park, New York;

Patricia’s Tree of Life


In the Category Fanciful Fashion (sponsored by Tulip Company)

$100 Third Prize: #94

Designed by Willena Nanton of New Rochelle, New York;

Flower Princess

$200 Second Prize: #38

Designed by Linda Skuja of Riga, Latvia;

Queen of Fall

$300 First Prize: #09

Designed by Victoria Johnsen Carrington of Windsor Heights, Iowa;

Modern Victorian Black Crochet Dress


The winner of the $100 Special Technique Award from DesigningVashti for outstanding use of alternate crochet techniques and construction: Poptastic Purse, designed by Janice Lonnroth.

And the winner of the $1000 Grand Prize, sponsored by Crochet Partners and Interweave Press:

Designed by Diane Halpern of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; #29

So Many Motifs, So Little Time

Here’s praise from the judges:

Marcy Smith said: “Deliciously Vintage garment that’s ripped from the runway”

From Drew Emborsky: “Amazing blending of freeform and on-trend fashion…. Exquisite!”

And Kathleen Sams sums it up: “Beautiful use of freeform suitable for all.  Runway fashion at its best”


16 thoughts on “CGOA Design Winners

  1. Wow! You were not kidding when you said be prepared to be impressed. My hat’s off to all the wonderful designers.
    The grand prize winner is definitely the show stopper or better yet.. .jaw dropper!

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  3. Wow oh wow oh wow!!!!!!! Those were fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us Doris. I’m beyond stunned & amazed to know that I KNOW the grand prize winner! I’m so happy for Diane & all of the other winners! Congrats to everyone & thank you Doris for all you do. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Doris, for everything. I still can’t believe my top won with so many fantastic entries. I’m floating on air and don’t know when I’ll come down.
    For those who are wondering there is no pattern for the motif top. There is just a process. So if you want to run with the idea get your hands on Myra Wood’s book, Creative Crochet Lace. Thanks again, Myra!

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