What Happens at Chain Link….

Stays at Chain Link.  Except today.  🙂

Last evening’s CGOA Fashion Show offered a wealth of crochet wonderfulness… and a few ROFL moments.

I had to share with you the dangers and consequences of:  a) too much Shiraz, b) too little sleep, c) friends who are bad influences, d) all of the above.

Be prepared to not believe your eyes.

I leave you to contemplate this image and all the possible conclusions that may be drawn from it.  We explain soon. Needless to say, Vashti Braha is going to kill me.  Hopefully she won’t see this blog post until I am well away from her blistering mean left hook.


13 thoughts on “What Happens at Chain Link….

  1. The designer of the dress is Urmeli (I think I spelled that right?) and I don’t know her last name. She’s a CGOA member and I’ve asked the CGOA member’s forum in Ravelry for help. Urmeli asked me to model it for her and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

    Doris scooped this early photo for her blog, but I hope someone got some good photos of Urmeli and me together on the runway that night.

    The dress makes a startling impact, yes! Urmeli expected it to. But I’d also like people to know that it was lovingly designed and fitted. It featured pleats designed to flatter, a beaded adjustable empire waistband, and pearls.

    It was also *comfortable*, like a hug without binding anywhere–something that’s especially important for pregnant women, don’t you agree? 🙂

  2. What happens at Chain Link, stays at Chain Link! 🙂
    This was the hit of the show! In fact, I think this one beats the “Vashti’s Chaps” fashion show!

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