>And the winners are….

>Never in my life have I seen so much stellar crochet all in one place. I am talking about the CGOA National Conference this past week in Buffalo, NY, and in particular about the 2009 CGOA Crochet Design Contest. I had the gut-wrenching experience of taking part in the judging. We had four hours to examine all one hundred entries and come up with this short list. We could have been there for days.

I’m posting the winner list now, but plan to write more about some of the high points and hopefully have a mess of images soon.


2009 CGOA Design Contest Winners

Grand Prize ($1000 from Coats & Clark)

“Crochet Confection Evening Gown”, designed by Renee Barnes

Peoples’ Choice

“Wedding Gown”, designed by Paula Bennett


First Prize ($300 from Coats & Clark) “Flamenco Dancer Dress”, Patricia Williams

Second Prize ($200 from the Boye Needle Company) “Ocean Fiesta Dress”, Andrea Graciarena

Third Prize ($100 from DRG’s Crochet Magazine) “Sophisticated Spring”, Paula Bennett

Honorable Mention

Baby Dress Set by Carol Carlile

Short-sleeved Jacket with shawl collar by Margaret Hubert

Wedding Dress by Paula Bennett

Double-breasted Jacket by Mary Jane Hall

Bruges Lacy Dress by Hyacinth Thomas

Corset Top by Tracie Barrett

Playing the Angles Cardigan by Deborah Burger

CATEGORY: Home Decor

First Prize ($300 from Coats & Clark) Doily by Ferosa Harold

Second Prize ($200 from Interweave Crochet) Freeform Pillow by Shelby Lynn Allaho

Third Prize ($100 from DRG’s Crochet Magazine) Victori Africana Footstool by Rhonda Davis

Honorable Mention

Tamara’s Trail Throw by Tamara Gonzales

Avalon Doily by Kathryn White

Irish Lace Mat by Kathie Earle Doily by Ferosa Harold

CATEGORY: Accessories

First Prize ($300 from Coats & Clark) Spring Handbag by Jerry Rigdon, freeform bag

Second Prize ($200 from Boye) Black and White Headpiece and bag by Kathie Earle, DMC cotton #80

Third Prize ($100 from DRG’s Crochet Magazine) Butterfly Necklace by Sonja Hood, done in wire and glass

Honorable Mention

Evening Clutch Bag by Diane Moyer

Silk, Silver and Lace Purse by Julia Bryan

Beaded Evening Bag by Sonja Hood

Freeform Hat with Earflaps by Leslie Nelle-Urinyi

CATEGORY: Crochet as Art

First Prize ($300 from Coats & Clark) Heartrock Hotel by Gwen Blakley Kinsler

Second Prize ($200 from Interweave Crochet) The Harvest by Carol Ventura

Third Prize ($100 from Martingale & Co) Pop Top Bowl by Denise Royal

Honorable Mention

Crochet on a Rock with a Twist of Lime, Gwen Blakley Kinsler

Crochet Cabernet, Andera Van Benschoten

Prayer Flags by Martha Furman Kosro

Hearty congrats to all. Personal thanks to Cari Clement, to Lori Fuller who sweated all the pre- and post-show details at Caron headquarters, and a HUGE standing ovation for Caron International Yarns for their support and generous sponsorship of this year’s contest.

7 thoughts on “>And the winners are….

  1. >Thank you, Doris, for all your hard work and participation in judging the CGOA Contest. I am honored to have been chosen first prize winner in the ART category.What a thrill for me to hear about winning after my depressing week of not being able to come to the conference at the last minute due to my Mom's open heart surgery! It was a hard decision to ditch the conference, but the right one. I can send you a photo of my winning "Heartrock Hotel."

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