>What I’m Wearing Today: Lacy Top Cardigan

>I hate to play favorites among my crocheted clothes. But I must admit that this is my go-to bit of lace year round, the Lacy Top Cardigan. The short story is this design is now a free pattern download for a limited time through this link to Ravelry. The long story is… well… long.

The design belongs to Tahki Stacy Charles, and the original was included in the 2nd Edition Tahki Crochet book from 2007, still available through the Tahki Stacy Charles site and at retailers. The original sample as shown in this book was crocheted in Tahki Bali.

Last year, the Lacy Top Cardigan was remade in N.Y. Yarns N.Y. Cotton (distributed by TSC) and issued as a free pattern from the N.Y. Yarns site.

Are you still with me?

N.Y. Yarns products are now being offered exclusively through Patternworks. This happened quite recently. Somehow the Lacy Top Cardigan pattern has temporarily fallen through the cracks. So until Patternworks negotiates to offer this pattern on their site, I have been authorized to share it. If you are not registered at Ravelry, no worries. You don’t have to be a member in order to get the free pdf download. The only matter I need to address is to let you know that N.Y. Yarns N.Y. Cotton is now available at Patternworks.

One more thing. If you start this pattern (or any of my patterns) and get stuck at any point, please join me and the friendly, helpful and often obsessive/compulsive posse on Ravelry. Jump onto the group and forum dedicated to my designs, Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet, and post your questions for us.


15 thoughts on “>What I’m Wearing Today: Lacy Top Cardigan

  1. >I JUST finished this last night and am happily working in all my ends. I worked it in the Elann Sonata in the silver sage. It is so lovely! I can see it will be my "go to" fav, as well. I love how quickly this one worked up! I did it in a bit longer length and made some side vents at the bottom. I'll bet i do this in more colors before too long. So, the design is your creation, right? Did you sell the rights to it? I really don't know how all of this "property" stuff works.

  2. >Hey Jada, I sold all rights to this design to the yarn company that commissioned it, Tahki Stacy Charles. That's pretty much standard operating proceedure in this industry. They were free to do anything they wanted with it, including letting it fall through the cracks. šŸ™‚ If not for the constant nudging from friends and fans who wanted but could not find this pattern, I never would have been moved to ask for permission to share it here. You guys ROCK!

  3. >The "Soft Serve" is what i started off making but wanted to print it off so i searched it on Ravelry. I saw the "Lacy Top" version and so printed off that one. I wanted to be able to make notes on the pattern and have it all laid out in one pattern, instead of the "workbook" design in the book. (migraine and stress are making following the book way too complicated for me right now)This was the 4th of your designs that i have done. My first was the tank from the book, for my daughter. The second was the "Haru", which i have yet to complete. (using size 3 crochet thread so it is slow going) The third was the "Mei Mei" in black for my mom, which i just finished. She absolutely loves it. The "Lacy Top" took me a about 3 days to make……maybe 2, and i did the 2x size.

  4. >{obsessive/compulsive posse on Ravelry}.Yes that would truly describe most of your fans from Raverly and other I am sure.PS Any new news on that 3rd book???????????lol

  5. >Wahoo, I finally found something fabulous to make with that cotton yarn! I'm about halfway done with the body, using some great cotton yarn someone gave me that was too floppy and soft for a hat or a scarf or bag. This is my first real foray into clothing and I'm torn between whether I should give it to the person who gave me the yarn, or shamelessly wear it all the time. Hmmmm, I think I shall be shameless.

  6. I love the look of this pattern! Could you please post a link to the website where I can download this pattern.
    Many thanks

  7. Oh gosh I wanna make this but I”m a beginner. I can’t understand the instructions very well. Why do I mark chains? I don’t see where it says how many foundations chains to make first. In fact, I’m not sure if it means to start on the first row or not. It says chain 5 (dc, ch 2, V) in first sc for corner. What??? I haven’t done a single crochet yet! This is the first row instructions. Ugh. I must say lady in the first picture, your version is lovely!

    • Hey Amber,

      I do not mean to discourage you in advancing your crochet skills, but this design is not actually for beginners. You really need to understand how to read written patterns plus how to “read” your crochet, know about increasing and decreasing in stitch pattern, and learn the alternated chainless foundation technique. I do not give pattern support on this blog, but if you join the group Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet at Ravelry.com, you can find help and answers to your questions. Thanks.


  8. Hi Doris. I really love this cardigan and I would be so grateful to find out where I can get the pattern. I have searched everywhere it is mentioned but haven’t found it yet. Any assistance will be most appreciated! !!!!!!!

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