>BACKSTORY: KDTV Episode 208

>Today online registration opened for The National NeedleArts (TNNA) summer 2009 show in Columbus, Ohio. This is the place where industry exhibitors show off their wares to needlework retailers, where yarn shop buyers get to preview and order the new yarns and products over which we will all be drooling next season, where editors and publishers keep tabs on what’s happening. TNNA shows are not open to the general public. But they let us designers hang out. Hokey smokes, they even throw yarn at us!

This show is a must-see for the sheer sensory overload of so much yarn. I swear I go home with a stiff neck from days of whipping my head around every time someone exclaims “Oh My God, look at that!”. Aside from the primary yarn objective, for me TNNA is also about people and opportunities, the chance to grab quality face-time with colleagues, yarn company reps and editors. You’d be surprised (or maybe not surprised) how many industry relationships are created and cemented over drinks at the Big Bar on Two at the Hyatt Regency Columbus.

My happy anticipation for this year’s event is way different from the angst I experienced last year. See this post from June 2008, my post-TNNA recap. I have not yet seen this episode of Knitting Daily TV, on the topic Seamless Construction containing the segment we recorded last June. But I understand that it has aired and is available for purchase.

Here’s a still taken right before the shoot. On the right that’s Kim Werker, host of the segment and editor of Interweave Crochet at the time, looking so poised and prepared. The other one is me, like a rabbit gone “tharn” or a deer in the headlights. Please, please, please tell me I didn’t look so completely petrified throughout the entire thing. 

The yellow top next to me is the design we featured during the segment, the Bell Sleeve Pullover taken from the now legendary Tahki Crochet 2006 book. When I was working on that garment in 2005, I was not yet sensitive to the need for extra pattern sizing nor was I skilled enough to provide it. Thanks to KDTV and segment sponsor Tahki Stacy Charles I was given a rare gift; the chance to go back, revisit the design and make up for such a shameful omission.

The revised pattern with re-proportioned sizing to fit up to 3XL (55″ finished bust circumference) is now available as a free download from Knitting Daily TV. You will need to sign up before you can click through.

BTW, here’s a link to the TNNA application form for Affiliate membership, the category which includes designers, teachers and publishers


6 thoughts on “>BACKSTORY: KDTV Episode 208

  1. >A designer acquires TNNA membership as an Affiliate (the other two categories are Retail and Wholesale). All it takes is an application form and two proofs: 1) a letter of recommendation from a TNNA Retail or Wholesale member, and 2) a copy of your published work. Oh, and 60 dollars a year dues for which you get, among other benefits, free registration at the TNNA industry shows. If you’re really curious, go to the TNNA site and take a look at the membership application form.

  2. >Thank you so much for the information, Doris. I’ve crocheted my whole life – learned as a 2ND grader. Yet I’ve never considered it a feasible way to earn a living. I’m seriously considering giving it a whirl.

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