>Take a better look at: Beaded Edge Scarf



I wish I had the time, energy, skills (and software!!!) to make you fully realized 3-D images of certain designs. Often the true scrumptiousness of a garment is not apparent in print fashion photography. Take the Superior Crochet book from Filatura di Crosa (Tahki Stacy Charles, February 2009), featuring designs by me and by Kristin Omdahl. Don’t get me wrong. This book is incredibly beautiful. This is not a criticism of the images, the photographer or the publisher. This is a sidebar that speaks to a generation of readers who have been spoiled by electronic media to the point where one picture is not worth a thousand words anymore.

Gee whiz, with the waggle of a finger (you don’t even have to press buttons anymore!) you can enter virtual worlds where it is possible take virtual sightseeing tours, examine virtual shoes from Chucks to Choos, get 360 degree looks at everything from laptops to trucks.

I know this is not going to be the same. My amateur photography sucks. It’s a total insult to the professional shootist I am fairly certain was responsible for the gorgeous book images. Yup, those shots have that classy, understated Jack Deutsch touch. Sorry dude.

But I thought you might like to see the back of the Beaded Edge Scarf, which comes to a point:

and a couple of alternate ways to wear it:

If you choose to crochet this pretty little accessory, please do put on the beads. Fringe that is weighted with beads is so flirty and swingy and it really does make the most of this extra-fine, soft yarn with a brushed texture, a luxurious blend of cashmere and silk.

8 thoughts on “>Take a better look at: Beaded Edge Scarf

  1. >Your photos are so much better at demonstrating options with this than the ones taken by the pros. I love this pattern and will go out in a little while to try and find it. This is the type of thing I wish Interweave Crochet would concentrate on rather than trying to imitate knitting with sweater and sock patterns.

  2. >Doris~This is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never added beads to any crochet piece, however, I’ve done it in my knitting. I’m getting ready to post a picture of a beaded scarf I just finished knitting for my mother on my blog. The beads give it beautiful drape.I love working with them.Danette

  3. >I agree, your photos are more informative. I feel like sometimes photographers don’t understand what designers were trying to emphasize. It really is a beautiful piece, but I don’t find it as appealling in the professional photo, because there it looks like it’s just a rectangular scarf, albeit a lovely one.

  4. >I think that sometimes the photos are more about the model than the crochet. That’s not what we want!I’m glad that you published these pictures. They make me re-think buying this book! This would be perfect for a wedding shawl!

  5. >Hey Doris…I have a question for you. I saw you recently on Knitting Daily–you were awesome! I immediately bought your books. But…where is the lovely lilac asian t-shirt pattern that was shown on the show? I LOVED that top!

  6. >Susan, you took the words right out of my mouth. I bought the Superior Crochet book with the original intent of making the Scalloped Capelet as a wedding shawl, but then when I saw the Beaded Edge Scarf, I was torn between the two. Seeing these additional pictures has helped me make up my mind — I’m going for the scarf! Thanks Doris!

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