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Ah, yes. Don’t we enjoy the spectacle of awards night! I mean, even though I had not seen one single film or performance that got Oscar-nominated, and honestly could not have cared less which would win, I still watched the Academy Awards show. It was partly… well, mostly… would you believe totally because I needed to see Hugh Jackman in a tux, without evil-looking steel shooting from his fingertips, sans wolfish sideburns.

But I also tune in to view, with morbid curiosity, the reactions of those who did not win. For it is the manner in which you handle defeat that you show your true face. Some years the production allows for enough cameras that there is a split screen shot of all the nominees’ faces just as the winner is announced. This year there was none of that, perhaps a blessing. What the heck. More screen time for Mr. Jackman.

The declaration “It is an honor just to be nominated” falls from every not-Oscar-ed star’s lips. And I used to think it sounded and felt hollow. Dangit, just once I’d like to hear, “I really wanted to win and so should have won and now I’m gonna have to drag my sorry butt to all these fracking post-parties and get supremely waffled on pity champagne.”

Compared to Oscar night, what happened earlier this evening during the live segment of the blogtalk radio show Getting Loopy wasn’t as big-time or as glamorous. But I could not have been more thrilled if I had been handed one of those gold statues. All who tuned in were witness to the presentation of the first annual Crochet Liberation Front Crochet Awards (Flamies). I was voted best designer in the category womens garments from a list of designers that read like a Who’s Who of the crochet firmament. I joined a Getting Loopy guest list that included movers and shakers in the industry and other celestial beings in the form of fellow designers I call friends.

This blog was actually on the ballot for best blog. Didn’t win, though. That Flamie went to the CrochetDude, the alter ego of Drew Emborsky. It’s all about the cat images, I tell myself.

It is an honor just to be nominated. Funny how those words coming from my lips right now aren’t sounding as trite or pitiful as I might have believed before tonight. I truly am honored and happy just to be on the short list because the Flamies are gifts of validation from an outrageous, majorly off-kilter, completely insane group of rabid, obsessive crochet freaks. And I say all that with love because I, too, am a member of the Crochet Liberation Front.

If you missed the ceremony you can always hear or download the segment from the Getting Loopy archive. If you’re curious about CLF please join us at www.Ravelry.com. And watch for my virtual award thingie to appear here soon.


8 thoughts on “>My Flamie

  1. >Congratulations … and, ahem, what did you wear to the Flamies Awards??? ((I’d have asked “who” did you wear, but your designs are always spectacular, so therefore I’d expect you wore a “Doris Original,” yes?

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