>I just tonight discovered that, due to the way it has end flaps that fold over to the insides of the front and back covers, my second book, Everyday Crochet, is fairly impervious to spilled coffee.  As long as the slick cover receives only a moderate splash (less than half a cup), the temperature of the spill is reasonably lukewarm and you rush your butt to grab a miracle cloth to mop it up, then there’s no harm done.

This does not imply that I have in any sense relaxed my self-imposed rules regarding beverages anywhere within 5 yards of my yarn, projects, books or computer. This does assume that I messed up and broke the rule and am now vewy, vewy sowwy.


6 thoughts on “>OOOOPS

  1. >I recently purchased Everyday Crochet and am making Jewel. I love it! In the process, I read a post on crochetme.com that you wrote, Doris, way back in 2007. You said “Here’s my current fave; I wear it often. V-Neck Pullover (Tall Raspberry?) in Classic Elite Premier, size 33, no shaping, simple scallop neck edge, wrist-length tapered sleeves, cover-the-butt length with side vents.”You posted a pic of a beautiful top. Is the pattern for this available anywhere? Thanks so much!

  2. >My Tall Raspberry is a personal version of a design from Everyday Crochet, so you have the pattern in your hands. This is a Tall Latte, which is from the same chapter as the Jewel you are working on. I did mine without contrast bands, with side vent option. Glad you like it. Go make your own! 🙂

  3. >I find it terribly sad that a person can’t buy Strapped For Bags unless you are a member of an exclusive website. There should be another way to get the download for those who don’t want to be involved in the other place.

  4. >Not at all. The SFTD book sales are hosted through Ravelry.com, but you do not have to be logged onto the site in order to purchase the belt or bag books. Same with my free All Shawl pattern. Anyone can download that, too.

  5. >Ahhh, found it and bought it. If you click the Buy Now button, you have to have an account. If you click the Buy Ebook below the description, then you don’t have to have an account. Thanks Doris!!! Now off to pick out a bag to start.

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