What We Want For Christmas

>Clueless about what to get that deserving crocheter on your gift list? Here are my top ten Gifts for Crocheters, from tiny treasures to a total mind-blowing finale.

1) Yarn. First, foremost and forever it’s about yarn. Whether it’s one really special ball of yarn to stuff in a stocking, or a basket filled with enough to make an afghan, yarn is good. If you aren’t comfortable with choosing yarns and colors, then go with a gift certificate to the store or site where your crocheter likes to shop.

2) Crochet hooks. Don’t think that just because your crocheting loved one already owns dozens of hooks that a few more wouldn’t be welcome. One can never have too many hooks. Hey, what if the H-8 (5.00 mm) hook you’re using for that scarf accidentally gets dropped and jammed between the sofa cushions. Extras come in handy. If you are in doubt as to which style or size hooks to purchase, simply peek into the tool chest and see what’s in there. Get one of the same. No kidding, this is not a stupid gift. It’s thoughtful. From 2-5 dollars at the craft store, but up to 20 or 30 dollars for hand carved, special woods and fancy doo-dad ones.

3) Stitch markers. For crochet you need the kind of markers that can open and shut, like those round split ring or little plastic safety pin ones. I’ve lost so many sets of Clover safety pins and swear to have back-ups at all times. Around 5 dollars.

4) Storage. All that stuff had got to live somewhere. For yarn, projects in progress and for those nasty UFOs (unfinished objects) I like medium sized pop-up hampers. They can be flattened when not in use, pretty handy when space is limited. Also consider crates, baskets and totes, or carry-alls created specifically for yarn crafts. Anywhere from a couple of bucks for a plastic basket to 50 or more for a designer bag.

5) Really good scissors. I mean REALLY good. I splurged on my first pair of Gingher 4-inch embroidery scissors and they’ve become indispensable. Around 15 dollars.

6) Magazine subscriptions. See which ones she buys, the ones you find lying around the house everywhere. Interweave Crochet, Crochet Today, CROCHET! are some of my must-see mags. If she already has subscriptions, check to see if you can add time to them. Maybe 20-30 dollars for a year.

7) Hand cream. For soft, smooth hands and happier handwork.

8) Books. Stitch guides or dictionaries are superb additions to any crocheter’s library, no matter what her skill level. Great for reference or for inspiration. My favorites are the Harmony Guides. 20-30 dollars, with possibly better online deals at sites like Amazon. Or design books. May I do a bit of shameless self-promotion and suggest the volumes listed to the left on this blog? From SFTD (Straight From Today’s Designers) you can find Crochet Belts From the Hip and the first two volumes of Strapped for Bags. And if she doesn’t own my two books Amazing Crochet Lace and Everyday Crochet, be assured they are terrific gifts.

9) Lighting. The better to see the crochet with, my dear. I swear by Ott lights that provide true color, non-glare, full spectrum illumination. There are other manufacturers, too. You can find desk and task lamps for around 30 bucks. I especially like my portable rechargeable battery lamp that can go with me anywhere, around 70 bucks. Floor lamps are versatile choices, some with bend-y necks or add-ons like a magnifying lens, from a hundred bucks and up.

10) And… the sublime grand finale…. celebrate your crochet independence with a Crochet CRUISE to Canada, July 4-9 2009 sailing from New York! Starting at around 700 for an inside cabin to over 800 for ocean view, this would be the ultimate gift. More about the cruise in future posts. For now you can see some of the early details here.

Only a dozen shopping days left, so get going. Happy, happy, joy, joy to all.


4 thoughts on “What We Want For Christmas

  1. >Yes, about those hooks…what if your favorite kitty decides to playfully bite your hook, leaving marks on it? And then those marks catch your yarn that you just spent $10 for? You’ll need another hook, right? Preferably one that resists bite marks? Seriously, this really happened to me and thankfully, I had another. Actually, I think I need more….

  2. >Seriously? I’d say 7 or 8 of the 10 I want on that list. And that’s pretty good of you to guess what I want! LOL. The only addition to the list is the winning lottery number so I can call out sick for the rest of my life and spend the time crocheting and designing.

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