>What my tree is wearing today: Mini Stocking


Ah-ha! Made one. I used the new Caron Simply Soft Eco, made from acrylic and 20% recycled plastic bottles, in 0012 Wine Country, 0018 Greenfields, 0003 Wheat. Rather a Victorian Christmas colorway.

I’m offering the pattern as a free download from Ravelry. Click here.


7 thoughts on “>What my tree is wearing today: Mini Stocking

  1. Hello, again… I have a crochet project to work up 300 of these pretty bits for donation to a junior high school project. Did the maths: will need to hook 3 a day until Thanksgiving. Thank You for such an easy pattern to follow, and I’m sure the students will truly enjoy their treat as well.

  2. This may well be your most requested pattern, and I am so grateful to have it! This year, I quit hooking at 57 little stockings, but have pre-requests for 2 dozen next year! I don’t sell them, I give them to others who re-gift to students and family. Thank You so much– it’s a great way to use up so many little scraps.

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