Gifting Crocheters: Win Clever Crocheted Accessories

A woman of my word, I am keeping to my policy, actually more of a guideline, of not burying the lead.  At the end of this post you will discover how you can enter to win a copy of the new book, Clever Crocheted Accessories: 25 Quick Weekend Projects (Interweave Press, 27 November 2012) edited by Brett Bara. Now back to fluff.

There’s something about Christmas that brings out the best (and occasionally the worst) in people. Crocheters who participate in the yearly hand-made gift crunch can become heroes on Christmas morning. We can also turn into zombies. The two outcomes are not mutually exclusive. I truly enjoy the holidays and over the years, during those few brief lucid moments before the onset of total brain death, I have written about it ( see Crochet Marathoning). I have also offered a cute little Mini Stocking pattern. For civilians (non-crocheters), figuring out what sort of holiday gifts would be appreciated and cherished by crocheters can be a daunting endeavor.  In the past I have written some helpful hints (see 2008, 2010) and even shared a recipe for smelly ornaments. This year I have an idea that will cover all this ground.Released today, the new book from my crafty friend Brett Bara makes a brilliant gift for yourself if you are a crocheter… or for a civilian to give to a crocheter who enjoys crocheting gifts to give to you.  Too meta?  Brett is one of those editors who is real good at herding cats, a skill that served her well in gathering the rock star designers who contributed to this pattern collection. From the first project, Saturday Beret (on the book cover), designed by Ellen Gormley, to the last, my own Chunky Capelet (in super-fast broomstick technique), Clever Crocheted Accessories is a happy guide to making quick work of your gift list. I’m going to have to refer to Ellen as my bookend friend from now on.  🙂

Click here for a look inside the book, or see this slideshow of just some of the designs, please to maintain composure and resist drooling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You’ll find Clever Crocheted Accessories at bookstores and yarn shops, or you can order from Amazon and from Interweave Press.  Thanks to Brett and Interweave Press you can also enter to win a copy right here right now. Leave a comment to this post below and I’ll choose a winner at noon EST on Friday, 30 November. Please keep your replies brief.  Sucking up to me will not help your chances at all.  Happy happy joy joy to all and best of luck.


90 thoughts on “Gifting Crocheters: Win Clever Crocheted Accessories

  1. Hi Doris! I’m so happy when I see books like this, especially for crochet. I’m not good at coming up with ideas for gifts so having all of these in one book is wonderful. And I still love books in spite of the wealth of ideas on the internet. It’s nice to have a smaller but varied selection in book form. I fairly beg my branch library to put out more crochet books in their craft browsing section on the mail floor. In fact, I they just agreed to order a crochet book I recommended and this will be another I’ll request.
    And of course I’d love to have a copy!

  2. So many pretty projects! I’m already backed up in my Christmas gift making. Maybe next year I will start earlier (like in January)!

  3. I had serious sock envy, knitting hurts my hands and besides I vastly prefer crochet, until I took a sock class from Janet Rehfeldt, then bought her first sock book, and every one thereafter. I promptly began teaching crochet sock classes at my bff’s yarn shop. I crave lace socks and unusual ones, this book has both! Please enter me in the contest.

  4. Very cool. We’ve all been brain dead from trying to make the perfect gift. You will relate to the sweater being made by my mom one year. As it grew to be too big for my dad, she tried it on everyone who came to visit. The sweater had ape arms, and never fit any human. It was frogged in February.

  5. I love your work, Doris, and your funky sense of humor! As a fellow geek, I especially like your Trekkie uniform-dress, and that spiral design is just awesome!

    I just read your post about that wonderful crochet gifts book, and I wish I could buy it, but I’m on Medicare as I’m disabled, and I can’t affoed it. :-(. The designs look wonderful!

    As for the Christmas crocheting, it looks like I’m going to be in the zombie category, since I’m just getting started! So if I just happened to win the free copy, it would save my holidays!

    Either way, I enjoy your work, your “fluff”, and your blog, so thanks for being there and doing what you do! Crochet is my first and deepest fiberarts love!

    Be well, and happy holidays to you!
    Pamela Moyer

  6. Can’t wait to get my hook into these designs. I always think that if I can’t make something different than what I in a department store, then it’s not worth my time. This is totally worth my time!

  7. I would love to receive this book “Clever Crocheted Accessories: 25 Quick Weekend Projects”. All my crochet project have been giveaways and I would love new ideas to continue gifting others.

  8. I recently made your All Shawl in red so seeing your red capelet really upped my level of interest in the book. Crocheting is so addictive – thanks for sharing so much!

  9. Your newsletter and blog have inspired me to start crocheting again. My grown daughter bought a hat and asked if I could replicate it. No problem! She’s totally amazed at her old mom. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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  11. This looks like a great book. It is the holiday crunch time now and I always seem to bite off more than I can chew. Maybe one year I will figure that out, but I always seem to start one more project! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win! (zima21 on Ravelry)

  12. If I win this book, next Christmas Eve I will not be locked in the powder room trying to finish my too-ambitious crocheted gifts before the gift exchange takes place. Or before someone waiting outside the door has a little accident……. (“Hold on! Just….one…more…row….!”)

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