>TNNA: In Retrospect

>For me fiber events fall into two categories. Either it is a jolly holiday filled with tastings of yarns, chocolate, wine and juicy gossip, punctuated by deep, soul-baring PJ party chats with good buds or good buds-to-be. Or it is a test of endurance and intestinal fortitude on an Olympian scale.

I will say only that TNNA Columbus 2008 was a schizoid brew of both. Rule Number 19: What happens in Columbus stays in Columbus. No exceptions.

Sadly, I was not allowed to wear my happy lucky red China Doll top (see previous post) for the Knitting Daily TV segment shoot on Saturday. But the veto had less to do with the top and all to do with the booth backdrop behind the set. We shot in front of a deep burgundy/maroon colored curtain. Doll was out due to not enough contrast.

Plan B turned out to be the outfit I had worn all day Friday, a combination of white T-shirt and motif tank approved by segment producer Jamie Guthals. Sort of like this, except ignore the camo shorts!

What the frack. I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy wearing a shirt two days in a row. OK, OK… I’ve been known to sleep in a T-shirt I wore all day. But then the rule is you have to change it the next day. NO exceptions. Anyway, I was in no mood to be washing a top in my hotel sink overnight so it would be acceptably fresh for camera. And who thought to pack two of the same shirts. Really. Like there wasn’t already enough junk in that suitcase. So I had to go to half Plan B and half Plan C. Hey, it worked out fine and the producers were satisfied.

Neither plan anticipated the wacked-out mess that was my hair on that afternoon. Something about the water at the hotel or the suffocating heat of the day was coaxing my hair into a huge salt and pepper rat’s nest. I was obliged to pull it back with a cheapo plastic banana clip I had in my bag. So much for glamour.

Unfortunately/lucky for me no photography is allowed on the convention floor. So no photographic evidence of the event exists. You’ll just have to wait for the segment to air later this fall and imagine the behind the scene hysteria.

The shoot went incredibly well thanks to the team, in particular the aforementioned Jamie, the show producer Kathie, and grand high exhalted kahuna Marilyn Murphy. I felt prepared although there were targs doing the macarena in my stomach. I was almost sorry when it was over. Yeah right. The moment the camera stopped I got the bums rush off the set to make way for the next segment, so I had no chance to meet or thank the rest of the team and crew. Hey guys, consider yourselves thanked! Well, maybe not that sound guy who made me snake the lapel mic up the inside of my T-shirt. I coulda done without that. Just kidding, cutie.

Many thanks to Debbie Skinner and Stacy Charles of Tahki Stacy Charles, my segment sponsor, for providing yarns, prep work and moral support.

One last reflection on the shoot. It’s about my segment host, Kim Werker, editor of Interweave Crochet. Although it may sound annoyingly worshipful and possibly swooning, I must say if I again find myself cast adrift in a crochet life-raft with the camera rolling, I’d want Kim in the bow seat. If you ever have the privilege of working with Kim here are two tips. Avoid at all costs doing anything that earns you the Werker PENETRATING STARE. If she throws that at you, you are doomed. But on the other hand, if you receive the beam of the Werker Wag (the totally adorable way Kim has of lifting or waggling her eyebrows), all is well and Life is Good. Very good indeed. You might even be asked back.


4 thoughts on “>TNNA: In Retrospect

  1. >Oh my goodness. I have a penetrating stare? And it’s not a good thing? If it’s not a good thing, I’m sure I didn’t inflict it upon you. You rock on TV! I had so much fun doing the taping with you. We’ll have to concoct a plan to debut your Doll on tape sometime soon…

  2. >Hey Kim, I inhaled mass amounts of chocolate cake and sweet potato fries at TNNA, consequently I will not be wearing the Doll any time soon!Jamie, I tend to wallow in the drama a bit (nervous giggle). Never having done such a gig before I wanted everything to be perfect. Thanks again to all at Interweave.

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