>TAGGED, huh?


WOWSERS! I’ve been tagged with a meme, whatever that means. As I suspected… it hurts! My eternal thanks to that rogue Kim for the initiation. My apologies for being so slow on the uptake. At the time the tagging was done I was welcoming my first house guest since we moved here three years ago. I had to shift a good deal of my yarn stash to make adequate space on the floor of my spare room for her to crash. I’m sure you can relate. I was also up to my little squinty eye-balls packing for TNNA and have been non compos mentis since then.

What was I doing ten years ago?

I was a part-time radio disc jockey at a station in South Jersey doing a nostalgia format (pop standards, big band, oldies) about to go into “retirement” as the station was being sold to a Spanish language broadcasting company.

Five things on my non-work to do list today:

Unpack from TNNA. That counts for at least three things, trust me.
Bathe Cookie in anticipation of vet visit for acupuncture in the morning. This is a surprisingly big deal when you consider he is just a Chihuahua (see image above).

Snacks I enjoy (these change seasonally, but for now in no particular order):

Pop Tarts
fresh lychee fruits hand carried by a best friend all the way from her backyard tree in Florida to Columbus
Chocolate Chex cereal
Armenian string cheese on Honey Ritz crackers

Things I would do if I was a billionaire:
Pay off the mortgage
Get a real pony or alternately an alpaca (and the acreage required by the beast)
Have enough Qiviut for a really big project

that all pretty much blows the billion

Places I have lived (some of them):

Pearl River, NY
Spring Valley, NY
Ithaca, NY (Cornell University)
Englewood, NJ
Flemington, NJ
Wilmington, DE

Jobs I have had (some of them):

Counter girl in a Chinese laundry
Singer in a C&W bar band
Card Cataloguer at Cornell U law library (back when such things were hand-typed, have I dated self?)
Studio/Field Operations for ABC Radio Network (glorified button pusher)
Commercial copy writer
Radio Announcer/Disc Jockey/commercial voice-over
Crochet designer, author
and according to my alleged friends, Rock Star (hee-hee)

People I want to know more about:

This request should be made to people of my acquaintance who maintain blogs or websites and have not previously been tagged, huh? Tough call, considering I am new here myself and majorly clueless. Well, I’d be happy to make Vashti squirm. And I always enjoy what Dee has to say.

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