Foundation and Crochet: The Webinar

Break free of the chains that bind you to ordinary crochet!

Hokey Smokes, that makes me sound like some nut-job activist.  But mine is a career-long crusade that stirs in me (and in all those it touches) much passion and wonder.  It reminds me why I chose to do what I do; it reinforces my belief that our craft is dynamic, relevant and totally cool.

The object of my crusade, the subject of my fast approaching webinar, is this:

4 Trim Fsc

In a naked state, it’s the cord that blazes across the banner that’s in your face every time you visit this site: the Foundation Single Crochet, one of a family of chainless foundations that I swear will change your life.  Since I don’t do any in-person teaching yet, this is my best opportunity to pass on what I have learned. For the first time ever I will be up on my virtual soapbox talking about this technique and showing you everything you need to make chainless foundations your own.storeimage

Join me, Wednesday, 7 August, starting at 2 pm Eastern, for the live on-line seminar (webinar), Foundation and Crochet hosted through Interweave (F&W Media).  Click on the image for details on how to register. The event is not free of charge; there is a $20 fee. During the live feed there will be opportunities for you to ask questions and get answers from me, but if you can’t attend the live feed you will be able to view or purchase it later. Although the presentation will be in PowerPoint format (a glorified slide show) I promise there will be tons of close-up detailed images to illustrate each step and show you the way to chainless glory.  Even if you already have chainless foundations in your crochet bag of tricks, I think I can still show you a thing or two on August 7th. Hope you can be in the house, as I could use some moral support from the posse. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Foundation and Crochet: The Webinar

    • Not thread. The demonstration pieces I crocheted especially for the webinar are mostly in two yarns from Tahki Stacy Charles: Tahki Cotton Classic, a DK weight mercerized cotton (as in the example in the blog post), and Filatura Di Crosa Zara 8, a worsted weight superwash merino wool. As for the Fsc strip shown as my page banner, I think that’s Karabella Aurora 8, another worsted weight merino wool.

  1. I learned this technique from crocheting your All Shawl design. I fumbled and fussed for a while, but now use it almost all the time. By the way, I love making the All Shawl, and have gifted many of them. I sort of fudged the pattern using a treble crochet instead of the extended double from row 9 on. Makes a nice longer shawl with a nice drape. Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge with us.

  2. Just want to say a big THANK YOU for sharing the chainless foundation technique. I picked it up in a book which featured one of you beautiful patterns. And I have since used and adapted it to most other patterns I have crocheted. it’s just brilliant and so are you.

  3. Dang, I tried to sign up to the webinar (July 29th!) and while the payment went through, I got no confirmation (and my three attempts to contact them failed.)
    I’m sorry to miss it, it’s a subject that is very relevant to my crochet work!

  4. Thank you for offering this intro to foundation crochet! Fdn crochet has changed my life too, and I can never go back!

    I am so glad you’re teaching at last. :- ) I hope we can look forward also to a cga workshop some time in the near.future. (encourage, encourage)

    May the fiber be with you!

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