Etimo K Hook Winner

Congrats to lucky crocheter number 11, Carol Wiebe, who authored that cute poem! Carol gets a shiny new Etimo size K-10 1/2 cushion grip crochet hook, compliments of Tulip Company and myself.

Etimo hooks are available in AC Moore craft stores, in select local yarn shops (if you don’t see them in your LYS, you could ask for special order) and may certainly be ordered online at sites such as (which has the Etimo Rose hooks with pink handles,

Etimo Rosewhich are so adorable, as well as a range of other Tulip products) and  I have not seen the size K hook offered anywhere yet, but it’s so new that I’d give everyone a chance to get them in stock.

Thanks to everyone for the outpouring of Etimo love in your comments.  I hope each of you has the chance to get one in your hands soon!


8 thoughts on “Etimo K Hook Winner

  1. Thank you, Doris and Vashti! I can hardly wait to give this hook a try. My only reservation is that I may be having to take out a small loan to convert all my hooks to Etimo (LOL) if they’re as friendly to the hand as you find them.

  2. Congratulations!!

    Only have one tulip etimo rose hook (4.5mm) and I love it. Works so well with cotton yarns. But I love my knitpro symfonie for all other yarns!

  3. months later, I am Still looking for the Tulip size K hook ( I already own a set with carry case, and singles of several sizes). Google search brings up this page as top request. The link from here to Caron is almost useless, since Yarnspirations has gathered all the Spinrite products unto a single website. Would love to know if Herrschner’s or JoAnn will be able to provide soon

  4. Aandd— this third week of July 2014, through one of those Amazon adverts that tell you ‘here is something similar to what you are looking at’ I found an Etimo TULIP size K crochet hook from BIC Warehouse, shipped from Brooklyn NY. Even kicked in free shipping without using the Prime feature. So now I have one of every size in the TULIP hooks plus extras for favorite projects. Most are the grayish brown handle color, but many are in 2 shades of pink… even ordered a size 7 in pink for a friend’s gift. Really, I do love them, and first learned about them from you. Thank You Doris !!

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