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DesigningVashti.com is now your source for Tulip Brand crochet hooks, sets and accessories.  Vashti’s new store shelf, Crochet Hooks & More, is loaded with the stuff we love.

Searching for an elusive single Etimo cushion grip hook, like the US Size K/10.5 (6.5mm), or the smaller sizes to fill out your set, or steel hooks? We’ve got ’em here.

Tulip Etimo Crochet Hooks

Thinking about a special gift for a crocheting friend, or more likely, a treat for yourself? Consider this incredible array of hook sets, classic and special edition.

11 Cute Tulip Crochet Hook Sets

DesigningVashti.com offers free domestic shipping of crochet hooks, along with Vashti’s prompt and geeky attention to your needs.  Coming soon… adorable, colorful Tulip stitch markers!  Be sure to check back often as we add more cool stuff for your consideration and more than possible purchase!


Etimo K Hook Winner

Congrats to lucky crocheter number 11, Carol Wiebe, who authored that cute poem! Carol gets a shiny new Etimo size K-10 1/2 cushion grip crochet hook, compliments of Tulip Company and myself.

Etimo hooks are available in AC Moore craft stores, in select local yarn shops (if you don’t see them in your LYS, you could ask for special order) and may certainly be ordered online at sites such as buy.caron.com (which has the Etimo Rose hooks with pink handles,

Etimo Rosewhich are so adorable, as well as a range of other Tulip products) and joann.com.  I have not seen the size K hook offered anywhere yet, but it’s so new that I’d give everyone a chance to get them in stock.

Thanks to everyone for the outpouring of Etimo love in your comments.  I hope each of you has the chance to get one in your hands soon!

New Crochet Toy: Tulip Etimo K Hook

I know, I know. Two posts ago I said I was going to talk about yarn for crochet.  I will get to that, I swear.  Today I am showing off my shiny new toy, and later at the end of this post I will be taking names to win one of your own.

Etimo KMy one and only tiny regret about the original collection of Etimo hooks that I continue to rave about and use exclusively in my crochet, both professionally and for fun, is that the sizes ran out at the J-10 (6mm) size. My friends at Tulip Company musta got tired of hearing me beg, because they went and adjusted their manufacturing in order to produce this beauty, a US size K-10 1/2 (6.5mm) crochet hook, the crowning glory in the Etimo Cushion Grip line.

Let me assure you that I am in no way paid by Tulip to endorse their crochet tools. In fact, nobody could pay me enough to work with hooks that I didn’t totally love. I discovered Etimo hooks at a TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association) trade show in 2009 through the sheer force of will of my boss, Vashti Braha. She had seen this brilliant new line of hooks earlier in the day and insisted that I HAD TO SEE THEM. She dragged me over to the Tulip exhibit as I was not in the mood for browsing new tools, I really wanted to go get some coffee. I always want to go get some coffee. Anyway, she made me play with the sample hooks and yarn that were thoughtfully provided. From the moment I held one in my hand I was, pardon the expression, hooked.

There is no other cushion grip crochet hook like it, and in my opinion none other as fine. I could go on and on about how the hook is supremely comfortable and fits the hand, how it is perfectly balanced in weight and proportion, the exacting quality of the manufacturing. Nothing else I’ve tested even comes close. Now that there’s the K size to fill out the set, I am a totally happy hooker. I had to custom order my first Etimo set straight from the company in Hiroshima, Japan. Since 2009, Tulip Company has secured US distributors for their products, including incredibly smooth bamboo knitting needles, bead and thread crochet hooks, specialty needles and awesome interchangeable hook and needle sets. Today you can find Etimos right on the shelf at your local AC Moore craft store!

Why, you ask, does the Etimo K make me so giddy?  Isn’t a hook that big only used with chunky or bulky weight thick yarn (CYCA category 5)? AH-HA!  Not in my ‘verse.  I routinely match the K with medium and heavy worsted weight yarns (CYCA category 4) in order to lighten up the fabric. Vashti says the K is the key to creating the melting drape of her special sort of slip stitch designs (get Vashti’s free pattern here). For my crochet demonstrations at TNNA in Columbus, Ohio next week I’ll be presenting a unique stitch I call the K-Cluster, worked into a burly scarf with a ribbing-like texture, using the Etimo K and Filatura di Crosa Zara 8, a true worsted weight yarn in wonderfully soft superwash merino wool. Here’s a preview of the scarf pattern I’ll be giving to visitors to the demo:

K-Cluster Scarf

So, who wants one?  To celebrate the launch, I am offering one lucky crocheter a free Etimo K-10 1/2 (6.5mm) hook, compliments of Tulip Company and myself. If you’ve never tested an Etimo hook, then here’s a chance to get one in your hands.  If you’re already a hardcore fan, then this is the hook to complete your collection. Just leave a comment/reply to this post before midnight Eastern Time, Sunday night, 16 June, and I’ll be back with a winner on Monday. Remember, sucking up to me does not increase your chances of winning! 🙂 But you are invited to tell me about your own experiences with Etimo crochet hooks, if you like. Best of luck to all!