People’s Choice Award 2012

The People’s Choice Award of $100, sponsored by the Crochet Liberation Front, is the final prize in the Crochet Guild Of America 2012 Design Competition.  Voted by conference attendees and visitors to the Competition Exhibit in Manchester, NH last week, and winner by an overwhelming margin, is the Pineapple Rose Delight, designed by Carol Booth.

This wondrous design was also the winner of $200 Second Prize in the Thread Crochet category, sponsored by and Here’s what Carol had to say about her entry:

“Thread crochet christening outfit, made with #30 6-cord vintage Cartier-Bresson thread and a #10 steel hook. I crocheted a variety of different pineapple motifs, roses and Swarvoski crystal beads together to create this dress, with picot arch stitches. A lot of fun to create, just letting my fingers do the work!”

I figured out how to show everybody my images of all the entries without having to re-upload them.  Please excuse the amateur photography.  Please follow the link to my Flickr photo set and enjoy a slideshow of the photos!

CGOA 2012 Design Competition Entries

Oh, and while I’m at it, you can also see all the stuff that we sent down the runway in the CGOA Fashion Show, Saturday night, 30 June, following our dinner event. That show ended with a Parade of Winners from the Design Competition, so you can see what those garments are like on models.  Well, sort of models. Just us CGOA members and family.

2012 CGOA Fashion Show Manchester

Here’s the answer to all the questions concerning the yarns and patterns for these crochet designs.  The Design Competition does not require patterns or yarn information for entries.  For this event it’s all about the creativity of CGOA members and not about publishing.  Many of the designers are gifted amateurs who have no intention of writing patterns, sorry.  Some of the entries may eventually be published, but that may take a while and depends on the desires and skills of the entrants to make that happen.

On the other hand, many of the Fashion Show garments are currently published and are available either in magazines, on-line from the designers or companies who submitted the pieces, or soon to be published.

And may I correct the mistaken impression that these are all my designs.  NOT.  The images for these slideshows were uploaded by me, but the crochet was designed by competition and/or fashion show participants.  Please view the individual photo descriptions for information about the designers.


4 thoughts on “People’s Choice Award 2012

  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful show! Amazing designs and workmanship.
    Photos are nice and clear, could really see the details.
    I just finished your Zen Jacket, absolutely love it! I made it in sport weight cotton and it’s perfect for chilly summer mornings in Northern California.
    You rock Doris!

  2. I am having trouble seeing the photos from the CGOA conference. (I am sorry I missed it.) Is there a link I am supposed to be using? Sharon

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