Unexpected Afghans: Exploded Pineapple Crochet

While I don’t often wander into home decor design, when I do go there I thoroughly enjoy the change-up from my usual wearable crochet modus operandi.  The beauty part of designing afghans, for example, is that I don’t have to endure the agony of writing sizing for the patterns.  That fact alone is reason enough to visit home dec land more often. So when a friend invited me to contribute to her afghan book, I didn’t need to think twice.

This weekend, all of the contributing designers are helping to celebrate the release of Unexpected Afghans, by Robyn Chachula. I believe I speak for the entire group when I say what a pleasure it was to not have to size the patterns… oh, and how much fun it was to work with Robyn.

Robyn’s idea was to get each of us to design an afghan in our own unique style.  For me this meant seamless lace, the Exploded Pineapple Afghan:

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I have written previously about my relationship with pineapple crochet here. Very early in my career I realized that I loved creating pineapple designs so much that I was in danger of overdoing it. I began rationing my pineapple use.  But you have to ask yourself, how many pineapple projects are allowable in, say, a year of designs? Two per year seemed excessive, and I now limit myself to one a year.  So this afghan blows my quota for 2012. 🙂

Here’s the list of contributors to Unexpected Afghans, so you can see what the entire gang has to say about the book this weekend:

Annette Petavy – Annette Petavy Design
Annie Modesitt – Modeknit
Carol Ventura – Tapestry Crochet
Diane Halpern –Three Rivers Crochet
Dora Ohrenstein – Crochet Insider Newsletter
Drew Emborsky – The Crochet Dude
Edie Eckman – Edie Eckman
Ellen Gormley – Go Crochet
Jill Wright – Wool Crafting
Kim Guzman – Wips N Chains
Kristin Omdahl – Styled By Kristin
Linda Permann – Lindamade
Mary Beth Temple – Addicted to Alpaca 
Megan Granholm – Loop de doo
Simona Merchant-Dest – Stylish Knits
Robyn Chachula, CrochetbyFaye

Tracie Barrett – Tracie Barrett


7 thoughts on “Unexpected Afghans: Exploded Pineapple Crochet

  1. dear doris,
    I enjoyed your article and wanted to go to the links for each of the contributors, but they seem to be empty links. Could you check on that so we may follow the links to the other contributors. Thank you.

  2. Even though you blew your quota I think it was worth it! This looks like a great project for the summer project and blank! I can’t wait to see this book!

  3. Such a lovely design! This would be perfect to dress up a plain old couch.
    Go ahead and blow your quota some more – you’re not the only one who loves pineapples!

  4. Would like to do The Prestige pineapple Afghan can I get the directions somewhere a reply would be appreciated thank you

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