Calling UK Crocheters

There’s nothing like a ginormous, stupendous, VERY IMPORTANT trip to throw this I’d-rather-be-at-home crocheter into paroxysms of anxiety.  The bigger the event, the earlier I start getting knots in my stomach.  I’m talking about my appearances at the best consumer textiles exhibition in the UK (perhaps all of Europe), the Knitting and Stitching Show in London, at the Alexandra Palace, or Ally Pally as my UK posse calls it, Thursday 6 October through Sunday 9 October.  HOKEY SMOKES, that’s next week and I have not yet begun to obsess over it!

Aside from the usual “what the heck should I pack?” worries, a trip to the UK involves a whole other layer of angst. Will I collapse and die from exhaustion hauling my overpacked luggage from Heathrow to the hotel? If I survive that, won’t the jet-lag kill me?   Aren’t the electrical plugs different?  Will I be able to charge my laptop and cell phone?  Hey, will my cell phone even work across the pond???? How about the currency?  What’s with shillings?  Is there decent chocolate cake? I am so grateful that at least the language won’t be so foreign and I will be speaking English … of a sort.  From watching BBC America programming I’m already familiar with a few Brit-isms.  I will most certainly mind the gap. You think I might need a Brit to American phrasebook?

My hosts at the exhibition, Tulip Company of Hiroshima, Japan, are showing in the UK for the first time, so we will all be wandering around in complete awe.  Lucky for me I’ll have a comfy place to hang out while I’m at the show.  Here’s a look at the Tulip booth, which will be at N-8.When I’m not hiding behind the booth, I will probably be sitting and crocheting over there to the side, working with my favorite Etimo hooks and demonstrating techniques such as the chainless foundation start for a mobius cowl and also broomstick lace. I’ll  be signing my books, too, which will be available for purchase.  And if that’s not a full enough dance card, the book distributor GMC is giving me some signing time at their booth on Thursday and Sunday from 12:30 to 1.

What’ll really help would be for me to see some friendly crochet posse amongst the crowd.  The show covers all textiles;  yarn and in particular crochet are but a small part of the action.  Any crocheters in attendance please please come visit me, Thursday through Sunday, from 10 am to noon and from 2 to 4 pm.  Hey, if you’re wearing a Doris Chan design, I’ll give you a hug and a special gift.


19 thoughts on “Calling UK Crocheters

  1. Electrical plugs? We can get UK to US adapters over here, so I think you should be able to get one before your trip – often called travellers plugs or similar here.
    Currency? Sorry, international bankers have spent it all, please bring pebbles and beads to exchange with the natives. 🙂
    Language? Just remember that in the UK a slip stitch is also called a single, so our doubles are your singles, your doubles are our trebles. Or something.
    At the moment it’s 80 degrees, unheard of for October since 1890-something, but they’ve promised cooler weather, maybe snow, soon. You just can’t dress for the British climate!
    Have a wonderful trip, and I wish I could come to your events, but family commitments forbid it.

  2. OhMyBob – have fun! I wish I could attend – what an excellent-sounding event.

    I’m with Ellen – I definitely want a full report (although I suspect you might find more mashed peas than chocolate cake … )

  3. I will be on the Future Publishing stand, but will definitely be looking out for you. Finally be nice to have an assortment of crochet designers at Ally Pally, you must look up Janie Crow (Jane Crowfoot). I will have to bring some money too sounds like I could be spending an awful lot of money with Tulip!

  4. Given the current weather over here, you could need anything from sunscreen to snowboots! It’s been really hot here lately, but seems to be cooling down now – perfect weather for lacy shawls ;D And don’t worry, we get enough American TV over here that we should be able to understand each other!

    Will definitely come and say hello on Friday – really looking forward to it. Have a great show!

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  6. I was lucky enough to see one of your demos today – and ask awkward questions (which of course you answered). I might even get brave and have a go at broomstick crochet one of these days. Hope you’re getting enough chocolate cake to see you through the weekend.

  7. I met you! I did not know you were going and I was stunned in a crochet fan kind of way going OMG that’s Doris Chan. And you were so lovely. I will post pics of my mei mei as promised on ravelry (after the weekend). Hope the rest of the show is fun.

  8. I’m a new crocheter and have only recently discovered your wonderful designs. It was lovely to see you demonstrating at Ally Pally yesterday (and to discover Tulip’s crochet hooks). I hope you’re enjoying your visit to London – thanks for coming to see us!

    Voie de vie, it really is a fantastic event – there are so many lovely things to look at and buy, I spend a fortune there each year!

  9. It was lovely to see you today, although I just stood to the side and watched you demonstrate brromstick crochet! I will have to look you up on ravelery as I would love to expand my crochet skills. It was great to see some crochet at the show!

  10. Doris
    It was lovely to see you on Saturday at Ally Pally. You made Broomstick crochet look so smart and ‘now’. I’ve been crocheting for 40 years and broomstick was a phase I passed through years ago. My daughter and I stood together watching your demonstration and she has now insisted I get my ‘broomsticks’ out of the loft. I share your love for Etimo hooks – I have recently started using them and they stop the aching hands I was getting from crochet. Thanks for making the effort to come over to us.

  11. Doris, it was really great to meet you at Ally Pally, Thank you so much for the advise on Tunisian crochet, I’ve made a start at learning now. Thanks so Much Cindy x

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