Crochet Obsession: Trellis

This happens to me often.  Certain crochet stitch patterns keep pinging around in my brain and I can’t let them go until I’ve pushed them into the Cth dimension. By no means the only stitch currently in my head, but certainly the one that pinged the most insistently this season is Trellis.

Adapted from a vintage thread crochet table runner, Trellis resembles filet crochet technique where the rows form a grid.  The stitches make either filled or empty blocks and, when viewed as a whole, the alternating blocks create a positive/negative design, pattern or picture.

Trellis starts out as though it’s going to be just a little variation on filet.  But once you’ve grown a good length of fabric, magic happens.

Blocked and draped on the body, the rows shift and stretch, tilting the neat vertical/horizontal alignment to the bias.  What you get is a pattern of holes that have distinctly diagonal movement. I love when that happens.

I thought when I turned Trellis into a lovely fine-gauge stole for the e-magazine Knitcircus, Spring 2011 issue, that I was done with Trellis. But Trellis wasn’t done with me.  It took a week of intensive yarn/weight/gauge/shape swapping before it finally squirmed out of my head as two new versions, the Trellis Multi Scarf in a long color repeat full worsted weight yarn;

and the Trellis Cowl Wrap, in a tonal DK weight yarn.

So what was I supposed to do with the Spawn of Trellis?  I could just add them to my crochet wardrobe.  I love the colors.  Or I could put them aside for gifting (if the day comes when I can part with them!). Or I could share the Trellis obsession with  you.

I went with the latter. Now available exclusively at, the new DJC: Trellis booklet includes the original Trellis Stole plus the Scarf and Cowl Wrap, packaged with full written instructions, stitch diagram, and tips for making any of the three in practically any yarn you like.  Finally the pinging has stopped.


13 thoughts on “Crochet Obsession: Trellis

  1. This venture with Vashti is proving to be very handy! And wonderful for your fans :o) This is absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what is pinging next. Have a great day!

  2. Love it! When I saw that first photo, I thought perhaps one of the spawns was also a trellis dress of some sort (over a slip)….

    Love when creativity takes hold and doesn’t let go of you. It benefits all!

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  4. I think William Faulkner spoke about this very thing…an idea that won’t leave you alone until you get it out of you, onto paper, or, in this case, built into yarn:) I have found the same is true for me, but I struggle more with the details of how to make my vision a reality. The more I learn crochet, the easier it is. Thanks for the inspiration!

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