DJC2: Tank Girl Arrives

She’s cute …  she’s fast and easy…  and she’s fully loaded.  Tank Girl is the newest pattern in my independent line, DJC, Too!, a collection of garment designs sized and proportioned for girls, tweens and teens.  As the source of previously posted agony, Tank Girl survived her difficult birth and is now available exclusively at

Somebody has to tell me when to stop writing.  The pattern for DJC2: Tank Girl isn’t all that long or complicated, but topping 40 pages the pdf is enormously bloated with information.  Along with  full written instructions for  a fine-gauge, seamless lacy tank or vest in 8 sizes from Girl XS/6 to Junior M/5 in two lengths with options for waist and hip shaping for Junior sizes, I stuffed the pattern with a fitting guide, alteration and yarn substitution tips, multiple stitch diagrams, construction tutorial and the usual blocking guide and caveats, plus images of adorable DJC2 model, Maura.

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Pay particular attention to this lace stitch pattern.  Coming later this summer you will find out how to take this same pretty lace from the fine weight gauge used for Tank Girl to DK and worsted gauge to crochet the next two DJC2 designs, the versatile sweaters Cardi Girl and Rainbow Girl, just in time for back-to-school.

And if you are a petite or tiny skinny woman, these can be made to fit you, too.  Just saying.  🙂


3 thoughts on “DJC2: Tank Girl Arrives

  1. The Tank Girl top is adorable. It looks like a lot of fun to make. The fitting guide, alteration yarn substitution tips, diagrams and construction tutorial should make it easy to crochet. Your upcoming Cardi Girl and Rainbow Girl tops are beautiful also.

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