>What ME… judge?

>Doubledogdangit. I was psyching myself up for the 2009 CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) Crochet Design Contest, culminating in the awarding of prizes at a ceremony during the CGOA National Conference in Buffalo, NY, 6-8 August. Yup. Cash prizes. And the best part is you don’t have to write a pattern for your submission. Piece of pie!

Stupidly I missed the deadline for last year’s contest due to procrastination. So this year I vowed to set aside plenty of time and yarn and get started early. One of the prototypes I considered was this simple seamless dress with a peasant string-tied neckline and tiered, slightly ruffled trim. Not quite the rumba ruffles I wanted. Honestly, it looks scary the way it hangs on the mannequin, but the deep tiers have plenty of movement and swing. Fun to wear and twirl.

But much to my astonishment I got drafted to be a contest judge. CGOA Design Contest Committee Co-Chairpersons Cari Clement and Jean Leinhauser probably thought having a designer on the panel of judges would be a good thing. I accepted the honor, but on one condition; I could consider bribes. I never said I would take any bribes, just consider them. I believe Cari thought I was kidding.

I join a most distinguished group of crochet luminaries: Cari Clement, representing Caron International Yarns, Jean Leinhauser of Creative Partners publishing, Michelle Maks of DRG, and Brett Bara, editor of Crochet Today!. But the true stars of the contest are your entries. So get on it.

Here is a link to the 2009 Design Contest Announcement pdf with rules and information. The first rule is you must be a CGOA member, so if you are not, visit www.crochet.org to join. Briefly, there will be four categories this year: Fashion, Home Decor, Accessiories, and (thanks to the efforts of Vashti Braha on the CGOA Board of Directors) a new and exciting division, Crochet as Art. There is a small entry fee. Deadline for entries is 15 July 2009. Prizes of $100, $200 and $300 will be awarded in each category, with a special Grand Prize of $1000.

Good luck! I hope to see your best stuff there when we hunker down to choose the winners in Buffalo in August. And, FYI, I like chocolate.


4 thoughts on “>What ME… judge?

  1. >I only learned to crochet in Jan. of this year, but I’m hooked and have made quite a few garments.. I LOVE your patterns and find them easy to understand as well as beautiful. This dress is AMAZING! What ever book or magazine you put it in I will buy!!

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