>The Best Way to Get Answers

>OK. Here’s the thing. It is nearly impossible in blog format to answer crochet questions person to person in an efficient way. So, if any readers need answers about any of my books, designs, patterns and such, please hold that thought and go over to Ravelry.

Ravelry is the site where we play. All fiber enthusiasts are welcome to sign up and join the fun, whether it’s crochet, knitting, spinning, weaving… it’s all good. This is a free ride, no fees, no hassles, no junk e-mail, pretty much no downside. Well, actually there is one fairly significant downside. You’ll find yourself spending so much time there that you won’t get anything else done. Trust me.

The site is the brainchild of Jessica and Casey Forbes, a young, brilliant, adorable couple. Jess is the knitter; Casey is the code monkey. Together they built this central web site where we can share and organize information about the fiber arts. In just a couple of years, Ravelry has grown to include nearly 350,000 members from all over the world.

When you click on the link I’ve provided, you can put yourself on a waiting list. Being asked to wait really sucks, but this has nothing to do with exclusivity. I understand the waiting list is necessary for technical reasons. Hey, you don’t want the site to crash, do you? So please don’t be put off. In a couple of days you’ll receive an invitation to join and all will be worth the delay.

Once you’re in and you’ve looked around, search “Doris Chan” and you’ll get to my design pages, where you can find practically everything I’ve ever done, with images, information and links to available patterns. Please wander over to a Rav group that is dedicated to my designs, Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet. On the group’s forum you’ll be able to ask all your crochet questions for me and the posse, hundreds of friendly crochet fans who are eager to help.

Thank you for your interest in my stuff. Hope to see you at Ravelry! 🙂


4 thoughts on “>The Best Way to Get Answers

  1. >Yes indeed! Ravelry is a great community and almost every question anybody has ever had about Doris’s patterns has come up on the forums. People are eager to assist; there are pictures of the first few rows (tricky! tricky! ineffably subtle and cool!) of many of the patterns; there are dozens of examples of beautiful finished garments from D’s books. Seeing the pictures is practically my favorite part. And the Ravelry waiting list? it just means that once you are inside the fence, you will find yourself in a very civilized and generally kind and cheerful place. This is especially true in Doris’s neighborhood!– Teresa a.k.a. Skeinfest

  2. >I agree with Teresa about Ravelry.I wasn’t a member when I first bought the Everyday Crochet and the things that I didn’t quite understand and struggled with at first would all have been explained if I had.Everyone on the forum is very helpful with any small problem which could be stumping you but someone (or Doris herself) will realize where you are misreading the pattern and explain it fully.Join us on Ravelry, you will find a wealth of information on there plus a chance to see lots of other peoples renditions of every pattern from Doris Chan’s books and patterns showing different yarns and colours.Sometimes I think that a pattern will only suit a slim person and then I see a larger lady, like myself, modelling a garment and think well she looks great in hers so I can make it with confidence.Jan – aka theurbangypsy

  3. >Doris, Just saw your bit on Knit and Crochet today. I originally came to your site to pilfer project ideas and got caught up reading the blogging! I share the love of motifs and lace, but don't share my Grandmothers patience to do it with the dreaded steel hooks and cotton thread. Nice to 'meet' someone else who loves to redirect this art to something new!!I'm now off to Ravelry to pilfer ideas!!

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