>Hawaii, at last!

>Just now I lovingly inserted the shiny, almost new 50th US state commemorative quarter into the slot of my collection. When this diabolical program was hatched by the feds and the mint, beginning in 1998 with small wonder Delaware, I seriously doubted I would have the attention to span ten years.  Amazingly enough, I am now looking at a gang of coins that track the continuity of my life for a decade.

Ten years ago I was still “back-selling” (reciting the list of titles/artists just played) pop tunes on air at an area radio station. Crochet to me was merely a pleasant hobby, not yet the consuming passion it is today. At that time I had yet to design my first exploded lace garment, write my first crochet pattern or tussle with my first editor.  I could have (and did) store my entire yarn stash in one big box at the bottom of my closet.  Short row meant an altercation between midgets.

Surveying the 50, I can now say without hesitation that the most artistically pleasing one is Connecticut, with the stately charter oak tree.  The stupidest one is Wisconsin, with a bovine head, wheel of cheese and ear of corn.  Really.  They paid somebody to design that one?

Numismatists might criticize my collection.  I did not seek out pristine, uncirculated quarters.  I did not find them strictly in order, either.  They are all from the Philadelphia mint as you might expect from one who lives near that city, with the little P under the “In God We Trust” next to George’s head.  And over the years all of the coins have grown an odd sort of patina and are no longer as brilliant as the latest additions. But they are MINE!


9 thoughts on “>Hawaii, at last!

  1. >Chief got a whole set for his b-day from Grandpa. Chief (6) couldn’t understand why we didn’t want him to take them out of the poster/holder thing and put them in his piggy bank. Unfortunately, we ended up having to take them and put them in safe place as Chief had taken them out of the poster/holder like 3 time. Maybe he’ll appreciate it later. I admire your perseverance

  2. >I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! I remember when the first ones came out…gosh, I was only 6! lol, yes, my home state quarter is pretty lousy. They should have done something way cooler…what happened to our badgers?!Chelsea

  3. >Congratulations on collecting all those quarters! Hard to believe ten years have passed already…BTW, I love your comment about the Wisconsin quarter. I’m from Wisconsin, and unfortunately, that’s how someone thought this state should be remembered. Dairy state, yes, but not the best way to show off Wisconsin!

  4. >My grandmother collected 4 posters worth for my 2 kids and my brother’s 2 boys and gave them as gifts this holiday! We had a really hard time finding a poster/holder for the last child. What an accomplishment! My son (the oldest at 7) really loved it the most!! We started to worry when he started counting it up as cash – lol!!

  5. >WooHoo….I beat you by about a month! I am glad to know I am not the only adult that collected them. How could I not? I have a collection of coins from around the world. Really need to fix all of them up in some kind of album that will hold coins and bills. Congrats on 10 long years of shiney pretties collecting. I think CN has a beautiful coin too…but I am partial to Texas.

  6. >No offense taken from this Wisconsin girl! Our state is just that way – known for cheese, beer, and the Green Bay Packers! I think the quarter designers wanted to show off our Dairy State status, and a cow and cheese – what could be better! LOL

  7. >I still have several slots left. There must be a barrier somewhere, not every state quarter has found its way to the East yet…Can’t believe its been 10 years! I was suffering from a herniated disc back then, and wasn’t able to knit and crochet for many more years.

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