>Caveat Emptor

>Buyer… or should I say non-buying downloader… beware. It has come to my attention that many crocheters are attempting to make certain designs of mine from patterns that are incomplete. I refer to garments taken from Everyday Crochet for which the instructions have been excerpted and reprinted out of context.

Please understand that I was never consulted and have no control over what is provided by my publisher to these outlets.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but the only way to truly “get it” is to get it. The book, that is. Sorry.


2 thoughts on “>Caveat Emptor

  1. >Attention to anyone that has not purchased.Some of the best dollars I have spent was on Doris`s two books .If you even make two designs you have more than recouped your money.Keep in mind Doris is trying to make a living also and more than goes the extra mile to help whenever she can ,so with that said you receive more than the books when you purchase.

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