>Let the bidding begin

> If you’ve ever lusted after a crochet or knit design you’ve seen in a book or magazine, here’s your chance to get your hands on an original. The Rwanda Knits Auction begins tonight at 11 pm eastern time and I invite you to browse, bid and win for a heart (and body)-warming cause.

Rwanda Knits is Cari Clement’s way of giving back to the world. She and her associates started this economic cooperative to aid refugee women. The project has grown to include 29 cooperatives around the country, with over 1500 knitters. Cari is constantly on the go, teaching, writing and speaking about Rwanda Knits, about the women, their lives, families and communities and about the work that they do. Her energy and passion are boundless and infectious.

I am so enormously proud that my design samples are included in these yearly auctions among those of such star designers as Drew Emborsky, Vashti Braha, Nicky Epstein, Teva Durham, Gayle Bunn. This year you’ll have the opportunity to own my Lacy Duster, a long and lovely coat in the color Vintage Rose.

I must admit I bid on stuff myself. Not my own designs, mind you. That would be too weird. But I bid on several knitwear samples last year and won TWO. There are always so many brilliant and beautiful things in the auction that I can get a little nuts in the bidding. But there is one item I’d pay dearly to own and I guess I need to mention this to Cari. I want a Rwandan school uniform sweater knit by one of the cooperatives!

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