>What I’m wearing today: Simplicity Top

>Of the many dozens of prototype garment samples I own, there are very few I should be allowed to wear. This is not one of them! WAY too snug. When you’re a professional designer you are often required to make things that do not necessarily look good on self. If I had the time, energy and materials I could revisit my own designs and make versions that fit me better, but what the heck. Life is short and I love this berry color.

This is the prototype for the “Simplicity Top” from Interweave Crochet Spring 2007. It is made in Berroco Glace paired with Lion Brand Incredible. I incorporated a few changes before cranking out the final design, one of them being added stitches at each underarm to keep the raglan-type arm shaping from cutting in so much. I was also cautioned to use yarns from one company only, so it was decided to swap Berroco Zen Colors for the larger gauge ribbon. The resulting sample garment fits so much better through the upper chest. Crochet, live and learn.

2 thoughts on “>What I’m wearing today: Simplicity Top

  1. >I wish some day i could crochet like you. All your designs are wonderful, i like all. Excuse my bad english, but i dont speak english very well, i write and speak spanish!!Kisses.Gracias

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