Where’s Doris At?

CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) 2013 Fall Conference

October 2-6 (Professional Development Day on October 2; Education October 2-6; Exhibits October 4-6)

Embassy Suites Charlotte-Concord, Concord (Charlotte), North Carolina

I am producing the CGOA 2013 Design Competition, winners to be announced at the event, Thursday night, 3 October during the Awards Ceremony.

Wander over to my book signings, say hey, show me your stuff!  I’ll be at the Crochetville booth, in the Knit and Crochet Show Market, Booth #47:

  • Thursday evening Market Preview , 8:00 to 8:30 pm
  • Saturday afternoon, 1:00 to 1:30 pm

If there’s enough room in my car after loading all of the Design Competition, I’ll be bringing a few of the garment samples from my latest book, Convertible Crochet, for some informal, impromptu modeling by the posse.


16 thoughts on “Where’s Doris At?

  1. I just want to say that I think your designs, Doris are absolutely the most beautiful I have ever seen. Your clothing doesn’t look bulky, unattractive and old fashioned. Instead they appear delicate, beautiful, and completely innovative! Keep designing! I’m definitely a fan!

  2. Thank you Doris for your wonderful designs. I have just completed my first crochet project, the Bell Sleeve pullover, and it is a 100% success. I love the foundation sc and top down approach. No seaming, no running out of yarn (just stop)…. fits so beautifully. Wow, I’m gushing….

  3. Dear Ms. Chan,
    I’m computer, facebook, ravelry, challenged. Love your designs, have your book “Everyday Crochet”. I am an experienced crocheter but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to construct the CAMEO project which I desperately want to make.
    Could not figure out how to send message to you on ravelry like you requested.
    If you or anyone can help, I would be extremely GRATEFUL!!!!!
    My problem is this: Under the size 37 directions, I’m supposed to do 8 pattern repeats. Is that 8 pattern repeats of the Foundation Row????
    Thank You in advance.

    • Reply to Mary, in the instructions for “Cameo” for size 37, for your foundation row you will crochet the pattern repeat as detailed in parenthesis until you have 8 repeats of it.
      So to start Cameo in size 37, you will do a Base Ch/SC for 33 stitches (see glossary pg 138 for instructions just for that if needed). Then for your foundation row, you will Ch 1, Sc in 1st SC, then start the pattern repeat of [skip next SC, Shell in next SC, sk next sc, sc in next sc] & repeat that sequence within parenthesis 8 times.
      Then go on to work pattern row 2 – which is shown in the light grey highlighted area at top of next page in stitch diagrams. Hope this helps.

  4. Hi Doris!

    I would like to ask if you can get Amazon to show “preview pages” from inside your books—specifically the table of contents at the least. To help someone who can’t see inside them looking at their website (as one can if standing in a bookstore) know which designs are in what book!

    It would be even better if there were also photos from the books of at least some of the projects, but probably a little searching on Google or Ravelry can help with that. I just don’t know which book to find various things in! Thank you!

  5. Mei-Mei cardigan, pgs 82-85, (Everyday Crochet) has traveled from CA-Fl and back again, then off to the local senior citizen’s center & still we are not able to understand the instructions.

    What are we missing? Seems like a simple project, & just the right one to cover less than firm arms.

    • Hey Dolores,

      As I have written here many many times, I do not give pattern support on this blog. Please join us at Ravelry.com and visit the fourm dedicated to my designs, Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet. If you’re not a member of Ravelry, consider joining, free, easy and awesome for all fiber people. The posse there is friendly and helpful, always available to answer your questions. If you’re shy about posting your own questions, there are existing threads on the subject of Mei-Mei that might be helpful. Thanks for your understanding. Hope to see you there.



  6. Hi. I’m looking for a crochet pattern that was published in a Tahki Stacy Charles pamphlet in 2006. It’s a gorgeous sleeveless dress in fuschia. Where can I find it please???

  7. Hi Doris! Just wanted you to know that when I was checking in entries for the Montgomery County Fair this past August I saw several of your beautiful designs coming in. Your influence if far and wide friend! Many blessings on you in Reno. Wish I could be there!

  8. I hope you do make it to VKL this weekend! I will be there on Saturday… wearing my new Isabeau, if I can finish it in time… 🙂

  9. Thank you Doris for all your beautiful books & inspirations! I own them all! Hoping to have a chance to meet you some day!!!! You have taken crochet to a higher level!!!!

  10. I am looking for a pattern that was seen on pininterst it is a long skirt mostly off white with an zig zag colorful pattern in several areas of skirt. can you please tell me where I can purchase or get this. This is one of your patterns. Please reply to be at my email with a link on where I can get it, in a book or just the pattern. Thank you so much!!
    Jan Smith

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