Win the Latest from Crochet’s “It” Girl

With her beauty queen good looks, megawatt smile and even more brilliant design talent, Kristin Omdahl has rocketed across the crochet and knitting firmament, leaving the rest of us to flounder in her jet wash and wonder what the hell happened.  From her heart-breaking backstory to her latest triumph, Seamless Crochet (Interweave Press, 2012), Kristin’s rise to stardom is the stuff of legend.  She is the It Girl and, yes, I am more than a wee bit jealous.  But if she wasn’t one of the hardest-working designers I know, if her heart wasn’t as huge as her talent, if she wasn’t such a genuinely lovely person, I would not be here wrapping up her blog tour today.

I met Kristin in 2007 at a TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association) industry show in Columbus.  She had just flown in from Florida, totally frazzled, the beginnings of horrible blisters on her feet from unfortunate footwear, dying for an ice-cold fountain Coke.  Other than that she was wonderful and I think we hit it off. I know these photos were taken while we were waiting for a TNNA fashion show to begin, but I can’t recall if this was 2007 or 2008.  Maybe Kristin remembers which.  Anyway, we were sitting next to each other but the camera was pointed at her then at me.  You can see bits of us in each other’s photo.

Although our careers took us along different paths, we did collaborate once, in 2008.  Kristin and I each contributed four designs for the Filatura di Crosa booklet Superior Crochet, which I understand is still in demand and difficult to get. Her work is stunning and inventive. It is clear that we both share a love of lace and we both think about crochet outside the box.

It will also be clear, once you have seen this new book, that she and I mean different things by the term “seamless”.  In Seamless Crochet, Kristin has put her spin on a traditional way of working motif-like stitch patterns in one piece. From the book’s introduction:

“When I first discovered the technique of creating and joining motifs without the need for cutting the yarn between them, I wanted to squeal with delight. Over the last couple of years, I have been exploring the technique and coming up with new motifs to showcase fun crochet projects with a minimum of tails to weave in (often only two!).”

The results are very cool. If you haven’t been following the book tour, please visit any of the previous stops for insightful reviews and revealing interviews with Kristin.




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Seamless Crochet is available now as a book & DVD combo, and also as an eBook and DVD download that you can purchase online and receive instantly. Click here to learn more about the Seamless Crochet eBook & DVD download.

Please join me in congratulating Kristin.  I’m thrilled that Interweave Press has allowed me to give away an e-copy of the book to one lucky reader here.  Just leave a comment below for a chance to win, and check back on Wednesday evening, 15 February as I reveal the winner. Good luck to all!