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*** The patterns below previously hosted at are now available at a new site, thanks to Spinrite.  If you are interested in any of those designs, please visit ***

Here’s where you can get the goods!  Many of my designs are available as free pattern downloads from various sites.  Some sites require you to join, sign up, sign in and otherwise jump through hoops, but all are free.  Enjoy.

All Shawl (Ravelry)

Amsterdam Coat (

Archena Skirt (

Athena Tabard (

Avalon Top (

Barcello Jacket (

Bell Sleeve Pullover (Knitting Daily)

Bohemian Shawl in Sheepish (Caron)

Broomstick Scarf (Caron)

Broomstick Lace Shell (Lion Brand)

Celtic Knot Shawl (Craft Yarn Council)

Circle Jacket (Caron)

Cocobay Wrap (

Coming Home Poncho (Lion Brand)

Doily Shawl (Lion Brand)

Guadalupe Wrap (

Jolimar Skirt (

Lace Bolero (Lion Brand)

Lapa Top (

Marseille Jacket (

Mini Motif Stocking

A free pattern download through

Miraval Tunic ( Tunic (

Pearl River Lace Wrap (

Persimmon Pullover (Lion Brand)

Rockland Throw (

Siam Jacket (Tahki Stacy Charles)

Tesoro Shawl (

Textured Jacket (Lion Brand)

Tokyo Vest (

Zen Jacket (


73 thoughts on “Free Pattern Links

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  2. You boggle my mind 🙂 Your designs are pieces I have been waiting for – so romantic and trendy!! Thank you and keep up the amazing work.

  3. I am amazed by your designs from the first time I watched you on an episode of knit and crochet, then I seen you on knitting daily. LOVE YOUR CREATIONS.

  4. This is me. For years I have been trying to first define, then create, my own style. This is it, a combination of flower child, bohemian, gypsy. THAT’s me.

  5. You’re the bomb. Thank you so much. Such talent. I have the talent to copy, adapt, follow directions (usually), but to create? Nope.

  6. It is great to have all your free patterns on one page! You were the first designer to get their own ‘folder’ in my crochet patterns. I found a couple here that I don’t think I have. The next thing on my list is to get one of your books, the one with the green lace on the cover. Keep ’em coming! Thanks for all you share.

  7. I recently completed the Lion Brand Lion Chenille Crochet Vest, and although you are not named as the designer, the pattern has all the hallmarks of a Doris Chan design. Is it one of yours? I loved making it and get compliments every time I wear it. Thanks!

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  9. I have made several of your ” All shawl”, in different thicknesses. Each one is very special . I love the two white ones and the aqua blue.The black one I wore almost every night in Mexico Dec. 6th to l3th 2011 . Got lots of compliments on it. Love to send you a pick of them. Sincerely Carol Gagnon, Rosemont, Ontario Canada

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  11. Love your stuff I am always looking for wearable lace patterns and you always deliver. An extra plus is I don’t like to have to do the extra work to sew everything together after I’m all ready done. Thanks.

  12. I saw a pattern on You Tube how to. I was the mobius wrap, but it stopped on the second frame, where is the rest of the pattern how tos? You were so sweet at the NC conference.

  13. I m sorry Ms. Chan the site Doris Chan, Valley Cowl Pattern #414 tutorial part 1 and 2 designer by Kirsten Hipsky she said it is your pattern.

    • Gwen, Yes, the pattern is my design. I wrote the instructions but I have no control over the You Tube tutorial material.
      The pattern for Valley Cowl is not free. It is owned by WEBS and is available for purchase at WEBS. If you have specific pattern questions you are welcome to visit and post on the forum dedicated to my designs, Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet. Sorry but I can’t help you with the tutorial from WEBS.



  14. Doris, I think your work is great – altho I must admit your style of writing directions is often confusing to me. That said, I think you are the only one who seems to be able and willing to adapt crochet to fashion forward garments. While many others purport to do this, I find most patterns kind of frumpy. I bought a crochet top. Crochet tops are all the rage for the last two years in every department store and boutique. This appears to me to mainly utilize hairpin lace. The top is made in two pieces (front and back) and incorporates Dolman sleeves. The stitches that attach to the lace stitches are more or less a mesh with a band of medalion type pattern trimming the yoke. If you respond, please tell me where I can send photos of this garment to you. If this pattern does not suit you, I BEG you to try and duplicate something easy that you have seen in ready made garments in stores. Something do-able and simple to do as well as a simple design to wear. I am hoping these pictures or some ready wear garment will inspire you as there is sooooo much out there available to buy and yet very little available to make. If you have made it this far, thank you so much for your attention. Best regards, Wendy

    • Hey Wendy,

      Although I appreciate your offer, and although this top you describe might be pretty, think again if you think the pattern for it would be any easier to either write or crochet. Constructions such as you describe, probably rectangles, do not always provide the nicest fit on the body. Production crochet often contains seaming in order to create the sizes needed. You might not understand that I specialize in virtually seamless construction. With this in mind, the combining of hairpin with mesh and medallions to make a garment that drapes well for five or six sizes would require complicated patterning. In my experience, there is no simple where forward fashion is concerned. If you really want this top, figure it out for yourself and try to write it.



  15. Just learning crochet and wow , love your work. So awesome, some designs I couldn’t find . One was a long sleeve sweater top, do you have a book?
    Anyways, I love your style, so keep posting.
    Miss Toni

  16. Doris, I have searched tirelessly for the Rockin red dress pattern but I cannot find it. This dress is amazing and I can hardly wait to make one for myself. I have already purchased the yarn. HELP!!!!!

  17. I have questions on patterns I purchased in your book Everyday Crochet. I don’t understand what “onc over inc) means, and when it says, “work in pattern”, which pattern? I am on page 91 and have finished the first three rows. It now tells me to go to yoke 5, which has these phrases. It has patter row 1, but that doesn’t seem to work out. I can sc in the first dc, but then where do I go in the established pattern? Hope you can help. I am very excited about all these patterns, and although I am fairly accomplished with crochet, I have not run across these phrases before, and have been trying to figure it out for quite awhile.

    • Hey Lauren,

      That’s a typo, it should read “inc over inc”, or increase over increase, which indicates you will go ahead and put more increase right away in the same place. This book is written in workbook style, with pattern rows and rounds, Yoke pattern rows and rounds that are shared within the chapter. You need to read the chapter for an overview of the stitch pattern rows and rounds. Work in pattern means continue crocheting in the stitch pattern as established.

      I do not give pattern support on the blog, so if this isn’t clearing things up for you, please join our group Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet at and the posse will be along with help and advice.



  18. I have completed all the pieces for your Tesoro Shawl (which I love, thank you). I am on round 4 of the 42 hexagons. I cannot figure out whether the following “6 corners, 12 sc, 6 ch-5 sp (1 on each side of hexagon), and 12 ch-1 sp. Fasten off” is supposed to be crocheted onto the hexagon or if it just telling me what I should have. Could you please clarify that for me? Thank you.

  19. I am in love with crochet shawls. I came to know about you today. Now I think I should have heard about you before. Your works are very inspiring Doris !!

  20. Thank you for sharing these FAB patterns. You are truly a most valued designer and am grateful to be able to have such wonders, again, thank you.

  21. i looked at your patterns on raverlry but there is not written pattern is what i need when i go to the link it is so old pattern no longer exist. upgrade please.

  22. Hi Doris,
    I love your work!
    Im in need of a christening dress for my baby, do you have any patterns for christening dresses?

  23. Hi Doris-

    Thanks so much for the Spring Lacey Duster Pattern! I was so proud of myself after I completed it. I made the sleeves full length, plus I added beads on the bottom and on the sleeve edges.You will be happy to know that I finished it in time to submit it for competition at our local county fair last week and won third place in its category! Thanks again. Now I am very inspired to try even more challenging designs. Keep up the good work!

  24. Thank you so much for sharing the All-Shawl patterens, i have made several for gifts and all are loved! such a perfect piece to have in anyones wardrobe!

  25. Hi Doris, I was making the Avalon top a while ago, and then didn’t like the colour with the yarn i was using so i stopped. now i would like to try again, but is no longer in existence. could you possibly email me the pattern? as well as the Athena tabard? it would be greatly appreciated!!!

    • Hey Ashley,

      Normally, I would ask anyone with pattern support questions to visit the group and forum dedicated to my designs. However, this shawl pattern as published really is messed up. Here are two key things they omitted from that version of the pattern.

      Sh (shell): 5 dc in indicated st or sp.
      Spike Sc (sc that reaches down 2 rows below: Insert hook under next ch-sp AND the ch-sp (or tall row edge sp) 2 rows below, make sc that encloses and holds the two chains together.

      I am horrified over the omissions and hope you can do the shawl with this information.



      • thanks a bunch! I completed the project using this additional info and it turned out beautifully!

  26. Hi!
    I first saw the “Caron yarn Asymmetrical pattern” on but the instrution ae not clear to me. Has any one tried that jacket?

  27. I have been stuck on the Circle jacket (Caron) pattern. I completed the main body of the jacket but cannot figure out to save my life out to start the ruffle around the bottom. Every attempt I make, it never seems to connect correctly. Any help you can give I would greatly appreciate. I love the design and can’t wait to finish it up. Thanks!

  28. Hello Ms Chan … Your Celtic Knot Shawl inspired me to take up crocheting again after a very long hiatus – thank you! I have one question: If each block is 3 tr, why does the first row have 103 tr? If 34 blocks comes to 102, what do I do with that extra tr? I can’t make my blocks and spaces line up and, having been away from the craft for so long, I can’t figure out where in the pattern I’m going wrong. Sincere thanks for the inspiration!

  29. The link for the Caron Openwork Dress (Michaels) is broken. The only thing I could find is a link that supposedly works but only if you use a phone. Unfortunately my phone doesn’t have that capability. Is there any other place this pattern is available? I would so love to have it. Thanks!

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  31. Looking for Simply Soft Doris Chan crochet dress pattern 5526, openwork sleeveless with crochet detail at hem, looks like it might have been done in panels. Originally available at Michaels’ around 2007. Can’t find it now at Michael’s or Can I still get it somewhere? Thanks very much! I have 2 projects in the works from Convertible Crochet…love your designs!

  32. Hi Doris; thank you for your designs. I’m creating the Jewel in Everyday Crochet published in 2007. I’m on Rnd 2. The instructions make sense until i get to the end of the instructions for round 2. It says “Complete neckline and join front neck with additional sts.” But I just completed the round by following the instructions just given. What is meant by “complete the round”? What are the additional sts to be used to join the neck front?

    • In my book patterns, I like to give a heads-up for what is about to happen. That aside comment refers to the Base Ch/Sc (foundation single crochet in current crochet standard speak) at the end of Rnd 3. Hope that helps.

  33. Just to say a “thumbs” down to NaturallyCaron for 1) no longer existing and 2) on Caron for discontinuing the Spa & Other Yarn (senior moment!) that so many of the patterns called for…what were they thinking? I know, that it didn’t sell well enough….

  34. sorry but I always avoid Simply Soft because it’s just too soft and lips and wants to squash never hosted shape

  35. I would first like to say Thank you for being so awesome in sharing your wisdom. I’ve been searching for hours, for the perfect pattern for a shirt for my niece. I’m trying to use the yarn I have on hand. I was given a lot of yarn of a lady who passed away and I was lucky enough to get her stash. Anyway I’m not very happy with all the patterns I’ve searched through so I figure I need to stop looking and make my own pattern. The information you’ve given on the yolks and how to shape the neck has given me an idea and I’m going to give it a try on creating my own pattern. Thank you for being an inspiration!

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  37. Dear Doris: I recently purchased one of your books. All the patterns are gorgeous! I am working on the Bozena dress. I am having some difficulty with the ending and beginning stitches of the yoke. Is there any way I can get some clarification about how to begin and end some of these rows. Many thanks!

  38. Dear Doris, I’m a huge fan from Holland. I would like to make cats cradle (the first model) but my english is not so good to make it with the free written pattern, but also don’t have get a creditcard, and no dollars but euros.How can I get the charts or stiches of cats cradle? Hope you can help me, means so much to me to make this pretty top for my birthday. Thank you for everything, Marina

  39. Hi,
    I was working on the asymmetrical jacket and now I’m stuck on the shoulders row. I don’t know what it mean when it says to mark ch-1 sp at center of each corner.

    • Debbie, I do not give pattern help on this site. Please join us at and post your question on the forum dedicated to my designs, DorisChanCrochet. If you are not already on Ravelry, it’s a free site for fiber fans and it’s simple to sign up. The posse at my forum will take care of you!


  40. Your veautiful patterns inspire me to pick up a crochet hook after 30 years. I have looked everywhere for the pink crochet shawl pattern on Ravelry (no longer available) to no avail. Can you help, I am sure nany other crochet fans would love to have it.
    Thanks Therese

  41. Sincere “thanks”; you really are a gifted and generous soul – may God richly bless. I was looking for a specific pattern and landed on your awesome creations. Now I can give away some beautiful shawls for Christmas presents.

  42. The Lace Bolero pattern is no longer available at lion brand website. Is there a different link for that? Love the look!

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