Crochet Hall of Fame

It is with ineffable pleasure and pride that I share this announcement. The Crochet Guild of America (CGOA)  and has just bestowed upon me that organization’s highest honor, induction into the CGOA Jean Leinhauser Hall of Fame.


My initial reaction to the news is one of disbelief.  I should not think myself worthy and, however disingenuous it sounds, I truly am shocked and surprised to have been voted in.  Ah, but my next and more abiding reaction is most telling.  I regard the Hall of Fame award as the icing… no, wait… it’s merely the dusting of gold sprinkles on top of the icing on the cake, the chocolate cake that represents my association with the CGOA.  Of course it is wonderful, astonishing to have my work recognized in so public a way. But it all pales compared to the immeasurable personal rewards I have already received over the years through guild membership and participation.  In other words, for twelve years I have been gorging on CGOA cake and my head is not about to be turned by a few new glittery bits on top.

Would my life and career be the same today had I not joined CGOA? Don’t think so.  I’d still have chosen to pursue crochet designing.  But my experiences through 16 conferences — being welcomed into this vital community, meeting others who speak the language of crochet with as much fluency and reverence as I do, bonding with the crocheters who would become my best friends — showed me that I do not design in a vacuum.  Sharing my craft with this crew of talented, creative, slightly mad, often rowdy but always loving crocheters reminds me why I do what I do and keeps me honest.

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I never enjoy talking about myself and am finding it difficult to produce my presentation/acceptance speech for the formal induction ceremony, to be held during the 2016 CGOA Conference at North Charleston, SC, July 13-16. But, hey, I’ve got some time here to mess with it.  And ready or not, to all who plan on attending the conference, I want to see you on Friday evening for the festivities.  And if you’ve crocheted for yourself anything I’ve designed, please bring or wear it that evening and share the pride along with me.


21 thoughts on “Crochet Hall of Fame

  1. Congratulations! Well deserved. Your designs are remarkable and I will celebrate by making another of your designs.

  2. My deepest congratulations! I absolutely love everything you design. I especially love that you design from the top down, and with very little if any sewing pieces together. I am a sewer as well as a devoted crocheter, but detest sewing crocheted pieces together! Thank you and again CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Well deserved! (Not the least for being the best writer in the crochet world.) I wish you a celebration of exploding lace fireworks.

  4. Not the least bit surprised. You completely deserve it, you are quite a talent and an inspiration! Love you!

  5. Congratulations! You’re designs are wonderful and it is absolutely deserved. It must be a little weird to have your name so closely linked with Jean Leinhauser. 😉

  6. I am so happy and proud for Doris Chan. She deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I have made several of her patterns and I love them. Put a Mink collar on an All Shawl and it looks great!

  7. Hi Doris!

    Never doubt your talent and the incredible joy your designs bring to the world!

    Keep hooking! Rege

  8. CONGRATULATIONS, Doris!!! You *TOTALLY* deserve it–I *LOVE* your patterns! (I sent you a note on Ravelry about the impact of your beautiful Blue Curaçao shawl pattern to me and my sister)

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