Enemy of Crochet

It’s still a mystery to me how this web stuff works.  What brings readers to this blog, what do you peruse while here and what can I do to lure you back?  No idea.  In the past week, one of my pages, Crochet Rules, has received extra attention.  I’m talking five times the usual views for a couple of days for no apparent reason.  This is puzzling but it’s welcome.  I add rules to the list every once in a while as they occur to me and I hope that readers check back to see them.

So today is one of those once in a whiles.

Crochet Rule #31: The sworn enemy of crochet, eclipsing all others for viciousness and cruelty (including coffee, hot irons and the CEO of the US division of Clover), is Velcro.

Need I say more?  🙂


19 thoughts on “Enemy of Crochet

  1. Yes, oh yes!! I’ve snagged many crochet and knit fabrics on viscous Velcro! BTW, my gorgeous pink Tulip Etimo hook set arrived today in its little pink leather case!! I can hardly wait to get started. Thank for the heads up on these lite beauties, Doris. Happy hooking to all, Gloria Tracy

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  2. Absolutely – my brother’s state of the art winter jacket with industrial strength velcro literally ruined a gorgeous scarf I made him.

  3. I agree with you 150,000% – hate, hate, hate Velcro – it’s sticky little fingers that grab and mutilate and never let go of yarn – long after those same little fingers have quit grabbing and holding what they were supposed to grab and hold

  4. Somebody famous must have linked to your post! My crochet rule is “don’t put it down or the cat will sit on it”. Oh wait… that applies to everything, not just crochet projects.

  5. What drew me here was a posting on Facebook’s The Crochet Crowd group about your beautiful designs and your really great writting. I was not disappointed.

  6. Its no mystery to me! Your patterns are gorgeous, your blog is funny, entertaining and educational. What more could I ask for ? Thank you for sharing is all I can say!

  7. Once I was wearing a hand-crocheted sweater to a party. It was raining, so I leaned over in my garage to pick up my umbrella, and my sweater caught on a target game hanging on the wall where you throw balls toward a velcro target. I was snagged in three places and could not get loose. I ended up wiggling out of the sweater and then removing it from the Velcro. Lucky the UPS man didn’t show up then! Fortunately, it was a poodly kind of yarn so the damage didn’t show.

  8. I love the rules list. I find reading the list encouraging. With it I can find at least one to blame for my misfortune. I especially love the one about UFO’s! Thanks for bringing a smile to my morning.

  9. We are all her because of you! You are the best online gal pal! You’re funny, talented and interested in the same things we are interested in.

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