Crochet Invades Creative Mojo

May I post a brief note of shameless self-promotion? Who knows what will happen when I attempt to match wits and vocal bravado with Mark Lipinski, host of the internet radio talk show Creative Mojo. I am admittedly not a fan of podcasts or talk shows for that matter (with the exception of BBC America’s The Nerdist, why are you not surprised?), though I listened with great enjoyment to Mark’s most recent show since he returned to the air following kidney transplant surgery and recovery. He is fairly loud and boisterous. Hey, he has a bunch of little dogs…. we should get along swimmingly, huh?

Mark Lipinski, host of Creative Mojo

In case you (like me) have never heard of Creative Mojo or Mark Lipinski, he is majorly known for his experience and expertise in quilting and entertainment subjects in general, and his guests include quliters and fiber artists, authors, celebrities and the occasional rock bands. I am reasonably sure that he’ll have a copy of my book Convertible Crochet in front of him, but I am willing to lay odds that he personally has not a clue about crochet. So, tuning in live on Wednesday, 19 June, 3-5pm Eastern (I’m scheduled for 3:50pm), you will definitely NOT hear a whole lot of technical stuff about crochet technique during the interview. You’ll probably hear lots of mucking about and laughing off of butts.  But do please join us, and call in during the live segment to lend some moral/crochet support! 🙂


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