Filet Scarf and Stole: Cookie’s Last Dance

It is with enormous pleasure that I offer the adorable filet crochet that I created in remembrance of my dog (see previous post Cookie’s Last Dance). In DJC: Cookie’s Last Dance, Cookie the Chihuahua spins merrily in anticipation of his supper, up and down the length of a scarf and around and around the panels of a stole.  Even for those who don’t give a toss about Chihuahuas or have never contemplated working in filet crochet, there’s plenty of content in this file to help you add to your skills.  Along with the instructions for a scarf and a stole, the pattern holds many extras, including an overview of filet crochet, extensive filet charts for single and double width Cookies, step by step technique tutorials and suggestions for yarn substitution.

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Not to burden the pattern with too many image files, I prepared a separate photo tutorial for two special techniques that I think will make your project dance better: Foundation Double Crochet and Beginning Extended Double Crochet.  Although the swatches and stitches in the images are taken from this specific design, the information may prove useful for all.  So if you purchase the pattern and need to see the stitches up close, or if you are interested in these techniques, please view this new tutorial page.

So I’m a sentimental idiot; I can’t yet wear my scarf or stole without getting… sort of… verklemmt.  I did love creating and crocheting these samples.  Even the pattern writing was less the usual nuisance, and more therapeutic than I had imagined it would be.  I believe I am ready to let go of them both, the filet design and the tiny, twirling terror that inspired it.  DJC: Cookie’s Last Dance is available for download for $3.99.  Please visit the design page at for complete information about the pattern and purchasing.  Enjoy!

One last note.  A wonderful, talented and crazy friend crocheted this and sent it to me along with her best wishes.  I hesitate to share it with you because I do not wish to be inundated by requests for the pattern.  I DO NOT HAVE THE PATTERN.  But he is so cute and even has a blanket, as suggested by her daughter as a necessary accoutrement for a heat-seeking Chihuahua.  Awww, he even has a little collar and dog tag.  “C” is for Cookie. 🙂

Haley's  Cookie


3 thoughts on “Filet Scarf and Stole: Cookie’s Last Dance

  1. I just felt your pain so strongly and I did what any crafter would do – I turned to my hook for a solution 🙂 The pattern is a free one that can be found here: (Ravelry link here
    The blanket is a square from Ellen Gormley’s Sunny Spread (pattern here Both were made with Caron Simply Soft.
    The collar and dog tag were “free-form” so sorry no pattern there 🙂
    Have a wonderful day, Haley

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