Calling Vogue Knitting Live Crocheters

Vogue Knitting Live may have the K word in the title, but don’t be put off.  Although the events, classes and sessions are overwhelmingly tipped toward knitting interests, this is an exciting event for all fiberazzi (lovers of yarn). I expect to see plenty of crochet and crocheters in New York this weekend.

Vogue Knitting magazine, that bastion of high-concept/fantasy fashion knitting, has never given crochet more than a glancing nod. But its publisher, SOHO,  has a special VK issue in the works.  2012 heralds the return of Vogue Crochet, not seen since the legendary 1994 issue.

Vogue Crochet Special Issue, 1994

Yes, that’s a granny square design on the cover.  No, I don’t know what they were thinking.  Certainly there was much more in this issue than meets the eye with the cover image.  The bold text promising “easy” and “basics for beginners” hint that the instructions are targeted to knitters who might want to learn crochet and to other newbies to the craft. But there was plenty of inspiration to be found within for hard-core crocheters.  All I can say is the 2012 reboot should totally rock your hooking senses.

Anyway, I’m inclined to believe that crochet has a definite place at Vogue Knitting Live, and that we and our work will be welcome.  So let’s give them all something to think about.  If you’re coming to the event, please have your most brilliant crochet on display and wear it proudly. As an extra incentive, any fan who shows up at my Potter Craft book signing wearing crochet will get a little gift from me, a free pattern pdf from among my DJC Designs self-published patterns, available exclusively at Please stop by the Knitty City booth in the marketplace at VKL, from 4 to 5 pm on Saturday, 14 January, show me your crochet and claim your present.  Hope to see you there.


12 thoughts on “Calling Vogue Knitting Live Crocheters

  1. I wish I could go to the show to say hi and represent the hook, but sadly, jetting across country this weekend isn’t in my budget. I do have to admit that I groaned just a little when I saw the cover photo of the magazine. Personally, I like granny squares, but are they really the best example of crochet for enticing knitters to give it a try? Have a great show! Woo hoo for crochet!

  2. I just looked closer at the photo and realized that’s the 1994 cover. That at least partially explains it! I’m looking forward to seeing what they choose this time around.

  3. Yeah whas up with that? I tried to sign up for a crochet class and found only two one already sold out! Then as a beginner knitter (too slow for real) I tried to sign up for one but all sold out. Anyway I am almost finished crocheting one of your designs for a friend, Eves Rib top and it is coming out really beautiful. Can I bring that as the top I just made for myself (which I thought of wearing) is by Shannon Bowlsby? Will I still get my stuff. Oh I can wear my Pearl River (too small broomsticks, couldn’t find the large knitting needle, when I did I gave it to someone special) but beautiful anyway shawl? I’ll drape it over my cardigan. Can’t wait to meet you. I am seriously thinking about this as opposed to grad school. Am I crazy? But I just love to work with my hands.

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