Simply Crochet Winner

Who knew there were so many geeky ways to generate a random number from one to 77?  It was giving me a headache.

So, on Christmas at midnight,  I just closed my eyes and stuck a pin in my monitor. 🙂

Congratulations to Jennifer Riley, winner of a free download of Simply Crochet: 22 Stylish Designs for Every Day by Robyn Chachula. Thank you all for your comments and well wishes.  Peace, Love and Yarn to everyone in 2012!


3 thoughts on “Simply Crochet Winner

  1. nice hearing from you Ms. Doris I keep checking for your blogs. Merry Christmas, happy New Crochet Year and congratulations on winning. Amazon sent me an e-mail to purchase the book. I got a discount so I better go dig it out of the trash now that I know your top is in it. Well I am applying to school for my masters next year but if that doesn’t work out let me tell you, crochet design school, here I come. Keep on being an inspiration.

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