Ten Cent Crochet Pattern

WOWSERS, I totally forgot to mention this special event.  CrochetMe, the Interweave Crochet site, hosts a shop for individual pattern sales, featuring many of the designs published in past issues of the magazine.  This week through August 9th you can download the Orphan Scarf pattern for 10 cents.

I named this design Orphan Scarf because it is a happy use for an orphaned, partial or lonely ball of any sock yarn. The sample was crocheted with around half a ball of Southwest Trading Company Tofutsies, but any sturdy, smooth sock/fingering yarn would work well. Crocheted loosely in ginormous gauge single crochet, the resulting fabric gets blocked and S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D in length. Everyone tells me the stretching part is a giggle, so much fun and quite miraculous.  So, GO.  Download.  Cough up the dime.  Enjoy!


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