All Smiles on Crochet Demo Day

And, eeeediot me, I never thought to bring out my camera until the very end of the afternoon!  I did catch a shot of smiles all around the table, including Carol Moore (my host) on the right, and (clockwise) Kathy, Kris and Mabel.

Carol’s shop is cozy and absolutely crochet-friendly.  And conveniently has hot running coffee. 🙂  I’ll be going back there soon for sure!

Carol even stayed up the night before finishing one of my designs to wear that day, the Rosalinda top from Crochet Lace Innovations, in stop-traffic orange and totally wonderful.  Thanks to Carol and all my new friends for a fun and funny day.


4 thoughts on “All Smiles on Crochet Demo Day

  1. Carol, I LOVE your sweater and I’ll have to plan a trip to South Jersey to see your fabulous shop. Thank you Doris Chan, Crochet Goddess!

  2. i like your designs is it possible you can show me how to do loops in a mobius scarf? and what is a base chain and what does it mean to crochet around a base chain

  3. Hey Paula,

    I do not provide crochet help or pattern support on this blog. Please join us at, search for the Ravelry forum dedicated to my designs, Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet, and post your questions there. Thanks.



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