>Trellis: Crochet Comes to Knitcircus


True to her word, Jaala Spiro, editor of Knitcircus, drank the KoolAid and has added crochet designs to her lovely online knitting magazine.  The Spring 2011 issue contains my Trellis stole, done in a majorly cool stitch pattern that is a variation on filet crochet technique.

If you were at Vogue Knitting Live last month, and if you happened to wander by the Bijou Basin Ranch booth all the way at the back of the second floor of the market, and if you noticed that bright pumpkin colored crocheted scarf on display behind the comfy sofa and if you were wondering where you could find the pattern for it… wonder no longer.  This is the stitch pattern I used to make the display sample.  The Trellis pattern gives you enough information to substitute your choice of yarn and gauge to make whatever dimensions you desire.  So instead of the Spud & Chloe Fine as shown in KnitCircus, I crocheted a smaller proportioned scarf out of one hank (150 yards) of Bijou Spun Bijou Bliss, a blend of yak fiber and Cormo wool that is softer than you can imagine.

Follow the link  to see and read the Spring 2011 issue of Knitcircus.  To receive the pattern collection, simply subscribe.  I believe it costs $7.99 for all the designs in the issue, mostly knitting, but including the Trellis, and that makes it a very good value.


6 thoughts on “>Trellis: Crochet Comes to Knitcircus

  1. >Ah yes, I noticed your pattern in this issue. It only just occurred to me that they had included crochet in a magazine called KNITcircus (I guess I'm not that observant). I've got to make sure all my crochet friends check it out!

  2. >Appreciate that, Adriene! Following the first Knitcircus interview with a crochet designer (me!)in the previous issue (#12 Winter 2010), Jaala, who is also a crocheter as are other Knitcircus staff members, said she wanted to start including crochet in her magazine. CHEERS to Knitcircus!

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