Mini Stocking to Crochet… again and again

>Little things mean a lot.  Little projects that can be whipped up like lightning in mass quantities and have multiple uses mean that you can do a handmade holiday for everyone.

This tiny retro treasure can be an ornament on the tree, a special trim on a gift package, even a gift in itself.  It’s pretty stretchy and can be stuffed with a surprising amount of candy.  Really.  Chocolate coins, petite candy canes, perhaps a chocolate marshmallow Santa. Hey, if you work a full worsted weight yarn to a generous gauge it could handily hold a gift card or a wad of cash.  Just saying.

I posted about this Mini Stocking a couple of years ago, and the pattern given on the blog is here.  You can also get it here as a more complete free download pdf from Ravelry.  Happy holiday crocheting!


2 thoughts on “Mini Stocking to Crochet… again and again

  1. >Doris, I love this little project. As you saw on Ravelry, I'm planning on making about a gazillion of them for the big Peruvian family Christmas I've been invited to. They work up fast, are great to make while watching TV, and can be done assembly line mode. I'm gonna stick candy canes (and probably chocolate as well) in mine to give out. Thanks again for such a great pattern!

  2. >Hi Doris, I'm with Tracie, I love this little project too and have made lots and lots of them for gifts and also to put vouchers and little toys in for the grandchildren. Also just to decorate gifts with and place the recipiants name in it.Thanks so much!

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